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The difference between rafting and kayaking is like the difference between a bus and a motorbike. In kayaking you control the boat and you choose how to overcome obstacles in the water. Our instructor is in a separate boat next to you. The kayaks we offer are resistant inflatable boats suitable for people without experience in such an adventure.

Club Edelweiss offers kayaking tours that can be a relaxing walk, a great adventure or an adrenaline rush. We choose the location according to the group preferences and/or season conditions. The rivers where we can organize descents are Iskra, Struma, Arda, Vit, Osam, Veleka, Kamchia, Mesta River in Bulgaria and Greece, Vardar River in Macedonia and many smaller or bigger rivers in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula.

Each program includes Kayak training on a river with rapids.

The kayaking programs described below are near Sofia.

The Iskar Gorge:

Kayaking down the the eponymous gorge of the River Iskar is suitable for more emotional adventures and can be done in late spring, summer and autumn.

Suitable kayaking spots in the Iskar gorge are:

  • Tserovo - Lakatnik: this is the most adrenaline rush route, which is also suitable for rafting.

  • Opletnya - Eliseyna: This route is medium difficulty and can be extended to the area of ​​Zverino.

  • Cherepish Monastery - Lyuty Brod: Very beautiful river ride with medium difficulty passing under the Cherepish Rocks and along the Cherepish Monastery.

The Iskar River between Mezdra and Cherven Bryag:

This stretch of the river is of medium difficulty and is very suitable for a multi-day program. The rute passes along the Strupek Monastery, the rock wreaths of Kunino village, Prohodna cave, other caves and the rock monasteries of Karlukovo. The season is from May to October.

Malak Iskar River

Excellent place for kayaking near Pravets, Botevgrad and Sofia. The route is particularly suitable for first timers kayaking on a river with rapids. The season is from spring to autumn.

For lovers of adrenaline adventures in the described areas, we can additionally include: climbing, rappelling, caves, waterfalls, mountain biking ...

Starting points:

  • The Iskar Gorge – Tserovo village. Meeting with the group: the square of the center of the village of Tserovo in front of the municipality. GPS coordinates: 43.00377, 23.34781

  • River Malak Iskar – Svode village. Meeting point: the square of the center of the village of Svode in front of the Post Office. GPS coordinates: 43.01569, 23.87877

Reaching the Starting points:

  • By train to Tserovo railway station (or Opletnia or Cherepish monastery) - see the appropriate trains on the BDZ schedule.

  • By private car

  • By organized transport

When does it take place::

Each group can choose the adventure day.

A program can be made also for individual participants or small groups at a budget as for a group of 6 people. Individual participants and small groups can write to us to add them to a larger group whenever possible.

We provide:

  • Kayaks, neoprene garments, life jackets, helmets

  • Kayak guide for each boat and rescue team with a separate boat.

Required personal equipment:

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel


  • Half-Day Program Kayaking in the the Iskar gorge area: 250 euros for a group of 1 to 6 people. For every next person: 35 euros.

  • Full-Day Program Kayaking + Eco Trail + Cave tour + Rappelling in the the Iskar gorge area: 350 euros for a group of 1 to 6 people. For every next person: 40 euros.

  • Full-Day Program - Kayaking + Waterfall Abseiling + Eco Trail in the the Iskar gorge area: 450 euros for a group of 1 to 6 people. For every next person: 50 euros.

The price includes the realization of the program, the necessary equipment and guides.

The price does not include food, transportation and overnight for participants. Hotel accommodation can be in a guest house, small hotel or tent camp..

We also offer:

  • Professional photo shoot of the event.

  • Professional video shooting with HD or 4k camera from the river bank, cameraman with action camera onboard the boat, dron, additional video editing.

Other adventures in the rafting area:

Waterfall Abseiling



Climbing and Rappelling

Hiking - In the rafting area there are three eco-paths



Iskar River
The Golden River
Struma River