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Sredonosa edge in Pirin Mountain, Bulgaria

Hiking in Maliovitsa area, Rila mountain, Bulgaria

Climbing the Evil Tooth Pak in Rila, Zliat zab

Mountaineering in Bulgaria

Abseiling and climbing in Rila mountain, Bulgaria

Club Edelweiss offers programs that include climbing mountain peaks on unconventional routes that require alpine climbing. These climbs are suitable for both keen tourists and adventure lovers. During the event, participants can gain new mountain experience and basic skills for working with Alpine equipment, as the program is also mountain training.

The mountain tours we offer are:

  • Pirin mountain, Vihren peak, climbing along the Djamdzhiev ridge. The route approach is from Bansko and the starting point is the Vihren hut.

  • Rila mountain, climbing the tops of Zliya Zub, Orlovets and Malyovitsa on the northwest ridge. Approach from the village of Govedartsi. Starting point hotel Malyovitsa.

  • Rila Mountain, Musala peak and traverse through "Trionite". Approach from Samokov, starting point Borovets.

Our most popular program in this style is climbing the Zliya Zub peak, located near Malyovitsa peak in the Rila Mountain.

Malyovitsa is one of the most beautiful regions of Rila Mountain. The steep walls of the peaks here are a real challenge for mountaineers. In this part of Rila there are peaks and rock towers that are only reached by climbing. One of them is Zliya Zub. It has three alpine walls, the south of which is suitable for climbing by people without prior knowledge of mountaineering. Of course, the group is accompanied by climbing guides, and the participants are equipped for serious alpine climbing...

The good duration of a program is two days, but it is possible for a group with mountain experience to climb Zliya Zub within one day.

The optimal option is:

  • Day 1 - climbing and abseiling training

  • Day 2 - Climbing the Zliya Zub. Depending on the condition and the wishes of the group, Orlovets peak can also be reached.

The multi-day program in the Malyovitsa region could include the climbing Malyovitsa peak on the northwest ridge, ascent on via ferrata, the mountain treking in the region of Strashno Ezero, Rila Monastery, Ivan Vazov Chalet, the Seven Rila Lakes, etc.

Best Season:

From June to October. There are seasons in which the months of May and November are also suitable for the program. In a bad weather situation in the high mountain range, we offer an alternative to the adventure.

When does it take place:

Each group can choose the adventure day.

A program can be made also for individual participants or small groups. Individual participants and small groups can write to us to add them to a larger group whenever possible.


The price depends on the number of participants and the season. If you are interested in this adventure please send us a letter and we will send you a specific offer.