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Canyoning in the Iskar Gorge, Bulgaria

Abseiling in Bulgaria

Waterfall Pod Kamiko

Rappeling on the waterfalls of vilage Bov, Bulgaria

Abseiling in Bulgaria

Canyoning near Klisura, Bulgaria

Abseiling or rappelling is an adventure that does not require any special skills or physical training, but brings in strong adrenaline and emotional charge. Feel the thrill of this adventure, descending rocks, waterfalls, and caves with the team of Club Edelweiss!

This adventure program can be done at many places in Bulgaria, but our special offer is for the Iskar Gorge area, which is located about an hour drive, north of Sofia.

The suitable for canyoning waterfalls are five and are located in the area of the village of Bov. The highest waterfall "Pod kamiko" is about 45 meters high, and the other waterfalls are lower and suitable for descending even by children.

We use smaller altitudes for training, so that people can get used to the Alpine equipment. The difficulty of the adventure can be adjusted according to the preferences of the participants. The program includes practical training for alpine rope rappelling.

The highest point of the route is easily reached by car or by walking on a panoramic eco-path.

Best Season:

From Spring to Autumn.

The program can be cancelled in case of heavy rainfall and therefore too strong waterfall current.


Passing through all waterfalls and moving between them is done within one day.

This adventure can be half day. This option includes part of the waterfalls.

Starting point:

Bov Railway Station. Here is the meeting of our team with the participants in the adventure.

GPS coordinates of the meeting: 43.02174, 23.3516

Reaching the starting point:

When does it take place:

Each group can choose the adventure day.

A program can be made also for individual participants or small groups at a budget as for a group of 6 people. Individual participants and small groups can write to us to add them to a larger group whenever possible.

We provide:

  • Alpine equipment / safety equipment, ropes, seat, helmet /.

  • Neoprene clothing which is dressed under the basic clothes if the weather is cold + overcoat.

  • Two instructors for every group of 10 people.

Required personal equipment:

  • Swimwear.

  • Towel.

  • Waterproof Clothing - membrane type. Cotton clothes and lining jackets are not suitable for the purpose. We can also provide a certain amount of overcoats.

  • Shoes with grapple and warm socks. In cold weather we can provide neoprene socks.

  • Replacement clothing.


  • Full-Day Program Waterfall Abseiling + Eco Trail in the the Iskar gorge area: 300 euros for a group of 1 to 6 people. For every next person: 40 euros.

  • Full-Day Program - Waterfall Abseiling + Rafting or Kayaking + Eco Trail in the the Iskar gorge area: 350 euros for a group of 1 to 6 people. For every next person: 50 euros.

The price includes the realization of the program, the necessary equipment and guides.

The price does not include food, transportation and overnight for participants. Hotel accommodation can be in a guest house, small hotel or tent camp.

Individual participants and small groups interested in this program can write to us and we will respond with a specific offer.

We also offer:

  • Professional photo shoot of the event.

  • Professional video shooting with camera, action camera and dron + additional video editing.

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