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Eco-trail, climbing, rappelling, caves, via ferrata, rock towers, ancient fortress in one day near Sofia.
Via ferrata Iskar gorge, Cherepish, Lyutibrod
Пещерите на Лакатник

Via ferrata Cherepish rocks

Climbing the rock cliffs, Cherepisch

The Iskar Gorge is one of the most interesting areas for adventure tourism in western Bulgaria. Here the program for one or two days may include mountain hiking on ancient Roman roads, rock climbing, via ferrata, caves, abseiling, rafting and kayaking on the Iskar River. The natural scenery of the adventure are the Cherepish rocks, the remains of the fortress Shishmanovo kale, the Cherepishki monastery, the panoramas to the park Vratsa Balkan ...

The starting point of the program is the village of Lyutibrod, which is located in the Iskar gorge on the road between the towns of Mezdra and Svoge. From Lyutibrod to the Cherepish Monastery there is a mountain path that winds panoramic along an old Roman road through the inaccessible rocks. In the past, people cut through one of the rock barriers to make it possible to pass through the difficult terrain of the mountain. Today this place and this passage are called "Average Stone". The road through the mountain was guarded by a fortress, whose defensive walls can still be seen today on the hill Shishmanovo Kale. The ancient fortress on most sides was naturally protected by sheer cliffs. In the area of ​​the fortress there are many small caves, passages and artificial rock crevices, which were the "secret doors" of the fortification.

The name of the fortress and the region of Cherepish are associated with Tsar Ivan Shishman, who was one of the last Bulgarian rulers before the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule. Legend has it that after one of the unsuccessful battles with the Turks, Shishman and his retinue retreated and hid in one of the caves of Cherepish the royal crown and golden shroud ...

Today we can follow in the footsteps of the ancient treasure, crossing some of the inaccessible cave niches in the area of ​​the old fortress. The entrances to these secret openings in the ground are reached by climbing or by descending a rappelling on an alpine rope.

The finale of the adventure may be in the Cherepish Monastery, which can be reached from the Shishman Fortress by an ancient Roman road. There is an option for a circular route with return to Lyutibrod on a mountain path or on the river Iskar by boat ... The leisurely way back from the Cheterpish Monastery to the starting point - the village of Lyutibrod is a few minutes by train or car.

The team of Edelweiss Club has developed and offers in the area of ​​the fortress two adventure trails, one of which is easier and shorter, and the second trail is more adrenaline and includes visiting caves, which can be reached only by climbing.

The natural landmark Carved stone

Shishman's caves

Via ferrata in Bulgaria

Eco-trail Lyutibrod - Cherepish Monastery

Пещера Чърналевица
Climbing and via ferrata with Edelweiss club, Bulgaria

Difficulty level:

In general, the program does not require special skills on the part of the participants, but depending on the duration, the level of physical activity and the activities involved, it can be more relaxing or adventurous:

Relax program:

The route starts from the village of Lyutibrod, passes through the rock crevice "Prosechen Kamak and Shishmanovoto Kale, and at the end reaches Cherepish Monastery. In the area of ​​the fortress there are three caves, some of which are reached by easy climbing. This version of the program is relatively light and suitable for children aged 7-10 years.

Adventure Program:

The more difficult adventure, covering the entire route of the relaxing program, as well as in the area of ​​Shishmanovo Kale, the participants go down the abseil on an alpine rope, followed by climbing the Via ferrata. This leads to a hard-to-reach cave located in the middle of the climb. The route is two ideas more difficult than the casual option and is suitable for children over 12 years.

Two-day program:

Includes the activities described above, which take place in different places in the rock labyrinth of Cherepish rocks + rafting or kayaking on the Iskar River in the area of ​​Cherepish.

The described adventures do not require special skills on the part of the participants.

The program is a type of training for moving a group through rugged, rocky terrain.

The Edelweiss Club team provides the necessary special equipment.

Starting point:

The starting point of the program is the village of Lyutibrod. The meeting place and the starting point are at the recreation area, located next to the information center of Vrachanski Balkan Park in the village of Lyutibrod. The place in question is opposite the natural landmark "Ritlite" and the only bridge over the river Iskar in the area. The exact coordinates of the meeting on Google map are: 43.107465, 23.624400.

Best season:

The program is suitable for year-round implementation and even in winter conditions. On the hottest summer days, we recommend early performance during the morning, summer chill. Spring, cool summer days and autumn are the best times to visit the Cherepish rocks.

When it takes place:

The program is conducted by prior request of a group or individual participant. If individual participants or smaller groups want to join a larger group and thus benefit from a better budget, please write to us and we will answer you on which dates there is such an opportunity.

Reaching the starting point:

  • By train to Lyutibrod railway station - see the appropriate trains in the BDZ Timetable.

  • By car.

  • With organized or shared car transport.

Necessary personal equipment:

Season-appropriate hiking clothes and light shoes without heels. Water at least a liter and a half per person, especially on hot days.


Please, if you are interested in this program, write to us and we will answer you with a specific offer.

Via Ferrata near Sofia

Cherepish Monastery

Допълнително предлагаме:

  • Професионално фото заснемане на събитието.

  • Професионално видео заснемане + монтаж на видеоклип или филм за приключението.

Тези опции са по допълнителна заявка.

Видео от програмата

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