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Organization of teambuilding programs and corporate events with Edelweiss club, Bulgaria

Mountain teambuilding programs in Bulgaria

Team Building with kayaks, boats, rafts and kayaking in Bulgaria

Team programs with rafting, boats, rafts and kayaking in Bulgaria

Welcome to your adventure teambuilding in Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is located on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. The country is famous for its Black Sea coastline, mountains at a highest altitude of 2,900 metres, canyons, caves, rivers and mountain lakes which are a precious part of Europe’s wild nature. This amazing diversity is packed within a small territory, conveniently suitable for a variety of exciting team building programmes.

Bulgaria has all four seasons with warm summers that are not too hot. Winters are snowy and are excellent for mountain winter sports. The spring and autumn are the best time for team building because activities can take place at the sea, up in the mountains or in karst areas with meandering canyons, rivers and cave galleries.

Bulgaria’s history spans several millennia imprinted in the sanctuaries of ancient tribes, Thracian dome tombs and medieval strongholds. Set against beautiful wild scenery, they make an attractive setting for team building programmes revolving around adventures and the legends of the past.

Here you will find a relaxing team building programme or an adrenaline rush adventure offering a heady mix of climbing, rafting, canyoning, caving, paragliding and mountain biking. All activities are 100% safe and are fit for people without previous experience.

Accommodation can be at modern mountain or seaside resorts, or you can opt for peace and quiet in homey holiday villages and rural spa lodgings.


The relationships between people working in the same company are a major factor for its products’ quality and marketing. Teamwork is a precondition for the success of any firm. Unfortunately, it is a hard and long process to build a team and create a collective mind. To help you accelerate this process and make it easier, we are offering six teambuilding formats that differ both in their difficulty and beneficial effects.

All of our teambuilding formats and programmes are designed for working people with no special physical training and no age or sex limitations.

The Mission is a teambuilding format where the main objective is to seek and reach some goal or message, e.g. a "Treasure Hunt". Following a given scenario, the participants solve problems testing their logic, orientation and communications skills. This form is extremely attractive when realized in the scenic background of historical castles or natural sights...

The physical activities are modulated in advance according to the participants’ preferences. The logical framework of the Mission is applied and developed successfully in the Adventure, Adrenaline and Expedition Formats.

Relax is a teambuilding programme with its main stress on role-plays and exercises from the standard teambuilding formats. It is available as a whole programme or as an addition to seminars and training courses. This form of teambuilding is highly adaptable for all kind of settings and can be carried out both outdoors and indoors. Tasks like the Rope Course, the Artists, or Dance With Me can turn what seemed at first a ‘relaxing’ programme into a real challenge.

The Adventure is the most popular teambuilding format in Bulgaria for the last several years. It is an upgraded version of the former two formats that also includes elements from different sports, like white-water rafting, caving, rock climbing, cycling, canyoning, swimming, orienteering, shooting, etc. Rough karst ground, water reservoirs and mountains are the ideal topography features for this format. We have developed two special areas that allow all adventurous activities to be combined in one programme available even in bad weather conditions. This format is suitable for people with no special physical training, but with one special desire: To succeed whatever the circumstances…

Adrenaline is a further development of the Adventure Format. Its tasks stay at a higher psychological level, but are again adequate for people with no previous training. The Adrenaline format has strong and lasting effects. The programme has maximum efficiency for minimum duration.

The Expedition combines the most attractive moments from the Raiders of the Los Ark and the Adventure programmes into one bigger and exciting journey. Boating in white waters, mountain peak ascents, exploring wild caves or a mountain bike tour are to name but a few of the activities in the Expedition that will help you explore not only unknown places but also the ‘mysterious’ nature of your colleagues…

The Colleagues’ Show is a teambuilding form that stimulates unexpected artistic, musical and creative abilities in people working as a team. The Colleagues’ Show can be realized as an independent programme or as part of another teambuilding format. The evening version of the Show can be used as an icebreaker of a programme scheduled for the next day, or as an emotion-loaded finale of any one-day teambuilding.

The difficulty level of all programmes can be modified and is adequate for people with no previous training!

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The programme can be focused on different teamwork criteria, as communication effectiveness, good teamwork, effective leadership, goal-oriented behaviour, task realization in the conditions of stress and tension for a limited time period, etc.

The most beneficial option for the customer is to specify in advance the emphasis of the teambuilding programme and the grouping of the participants in different teams. The details of the programme are determined according to the preliminary order.

In addition, group and individual psychological profiles of the participants can be made.


Our team can design a beneficial teambuilding programme anywhere in Bulgaria or abroad. The best programmes are realized in areas that allow us to apply adventure-orientated exercises. In this context, for a better efficiency of the programme, we can offer:

  • a suitable place for the programme in the vicinity of your town;

  • choosing the best area for the concrete meteorological and climate conditions;

  • a place with good accommodation facilities according to your preferences;

  • a place with natural sights and phenomena that will be a pleasant surprise for any visitor.

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The harder the programme, the greater the benefits. Keeping in mind this simple rule, we design the difficulty level both according to the preliminary requests of the customer and the ‘hidden’ potentials of the participants. The tasks in our adventure games are well within the reach of any participant. The challenge is in overcoming one’s psychological inhibitions.

  • Our team will provide any special equipment (climbing ropes, boats, paintball rifles, etc.) for the tasks, and will take care for the safety of the group and the correct use of the gear.

  • The specialized climbing, caving and water-sport equipment provided complies with all contemporary quality and safety requirements and is inspected monthly.

  • Every participant is insured against accidents during the practice of sport activities and group games outdoors for the whole period of the teambuilding.

  • For large groups, a special medical team is available, which is a safety standard for all public and sports outdoor activities.


In addition to the teambuilding programme, our customers can choose the following extra services:

  • Professional photo and video shooting of the event.

  • Individual and/or group psychological profiling for the participants.

  • Accommodation booking, transport, restaurant reservations, barbecue – if the customer is unable to book and organize these separately.

  • Refreshment stands with food and drinks along the course of the programme.

  • Low season discounts (from 10th December to 10th April).


Hristo Hristov: hristo@adventure-bulgaria.org

Georgi Andonov: andonov.georgi@gmail.com

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