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Team Building in Pirin Mountain, Bulgaria

Team Building, Albena resort, Bulgaria

Edelweiss club team at Waterfall Cave, Krushuna, Bulgaria

Team building with rafting near Sofia, Bulgaria

Team building in the area of Bezbog hut, Pirin mountain, Bulgaria

Club Edelweiss is an association that has existed as a legal entity since 1996. The activity of the association includes the realization of team building programs, nature conservation projects, adventure tourism programs and the production of media products.

Programs and training for team building have been realized since 2004. We are the first to introduce the real adventure as a form of teambuilding in Bulgaria. Our programs are regulated as the level of difficulty and are tailored for people without pre-training. At the same time, teambuilding tasks require full engagement on the part of the participants. In this way, we contribute to the catalyticisation of real team-based criteria in a minimum period of time.

The work of our team includes the following activities:

  • Design and implementation of team building programs.

  • Supply of special equipment for the participants.

  • Realization Team - Creates, equips and secures the route of the adventure program.

  • The Team of Facilitators - Each group of eight / ten is accompanied by one or two of our coaches. Our colleagues monitor for the proper implementation of the program and the security of the group between the different zones.

  • Security Team - serve all areas in adventure programs, which use specialized equipment such as alpine equipment, boats, weapons.

  • Psychological evaluation Team - upon request for group or individual psychological analysis our team competently perform the necessary assessment..

  • Emergency help team - a standard for organizing events with a large number of people. At each event, there is a medical practitioner who can provide first-aid care. Each team building program also has a developed evacuation scheme for a victim from the area of action. This has not been required so far, but is accounted for at each event.

  • Photo & Video - We offer a professional video and / or photo shoot of the event, which is a valuable archive for the activity of each company.

Everyone in our team is specialized in several profiles of the team building program and has many years of practical experience in similar events.

Much of our colleagues have wide-ranging professional skills in climbing, speleology, rafting, canyoning, abseiling and mountain biking. Each of us actively practices one or more sports whose elements are used in the adventure team building program. Each year, our team conducts training on water-saving methods, rocks and caves, developing new teambuilding exercises in an "extreme" environment.

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