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Team building with paintball and airsoft in Bulgaria

Sea team building with kayaks, rafts, boats and yachts in Bulgaria

Team building with rafting near Sofia

Treasure hunt in Temnata dupka cave, Lakatnik, Bulgaria

Creative team building games in Bulgaria

Team Building near Pravets, Pool of Riu Pravets, Bulgaria

Team Building with ropes and climbing in Bulgaria


Team building programs as an idea for company training have been founded in the United States and the UK in the second half of last century. These programs basically derive from team-fighting methods during the Vietnam War and the Falkland Crisis. In the same time, one of the criteria for determining Soviet space crews is the equal polarity of the bio field of individual cosmonauts ...

Obviously, the concept of the basic model of today’s civil team building programs once has been achieving of an extreme goal in an extreme environment. According to this the choice of a team building program and its realisation is crucial for the final result.

The program must be properly focused in advance, according to the company policy, the general physical condition of the group, the type of employees' official duties, the specific requirements for the participants, the request for the examine of the group.

The choice of a suitable areal for the implementation of the program is also an important element for the overall efficiency of the team building event.


THE MISSION is a format whose logical framework is a basic model of most of our programs. The elements of searching, figuring out and achieving a goal / "hidden treasure", message or beer ... / are part of the game, which is an informal mirror of business relationships and the scheme of work done / salary received.

THE RELAX is a format that uses popular team building games which can be performed at any location. Separate exercises of this format are appropriate to become elements of a larger program. A suitable Upgrade is “Creative Tasks” and “Rope Gardens”.

By introducing of a "Rope Element" into a relaxing program, can be accomplished tasks focused on mutual, collective support, motivation of the team, overcoming psychological barriers. To work effectively on the mentioned team criteria, the rope exercises are not an adrenaline attraction, but tasks that require joint and team efforts. This is the difference between our programs and amusement adventure rope parks.

ADVENTURE "If you want to know what kind of person is the man beside you, take him to the mountains and there you will find out if he is a true friend of you ..." This part of a song by the Russian poet and singer Vladimir Vysotsky perfectly describes the essence of our adventure programs to build teamwork.

The format is realised in rough terrain, rivers and lakes or mountain peaks using the logical framework of THE MISSION and exercises with boats, rafts, speleology, shooting area, mountain bikes, rope elements are added to the program. Despite the "more extreme" vision, this format does not require high physical activity, but psychological sustainability, motivation, effective communication and proper distribution of work roles.

ADRENALINE is a format with a higher level of psychological barrier than adventure programs. This format has the greatest positive effect on interpersonal relationships for a minimum period of time. By inserting techniques from extreme sports participants are being put in a "difficult psychological situation." So they quickly unveil true self, and their colleagues understand whether can rely on their partners in tense situation. In this "chaos" of human individualities, the path to general success requires to unite all efforts and flawless teamwork.

EXPEDITION is a format that adapts the adventure and adrenaline programs towards the less visited and wild areas of Bulgaria. For this kind of programs usually needed to last more than one day and to include overnight accommodation at a camp or a bivouac. Mountain hikes, mountain biking, water journey and archaeological artefacts make the program a real challenge.

Exercsies in the ADVENTURE, ADRENALINE, and EXPEDITION formats are adapted for the untrained people. The difficulty of these programs can be adjusted according to the preferences and the physical state of the participants. The security level is the highest possible. We always use duplicating security systems to ensure absolute safety even if an occasional human error occurs.

THE SHOW OF THE COLLEAGUES is a fundamentally different team building format. The aim of the show is to let people to freely express their creative, musical and artistic talents. This program reveals in a fascinating way the hidden and unknown traits of each character by using dance, singing, acting or fashion show. Playing the SHOW in the evening can be used as an evening program or as an emotional end of any event.

A HEALTHY DAY - an event focused on the active rest of the participants. Zones of interests are created where everyone can take part. The event can be enriched with lectures and activities related to a healthy lifestyle.

HELP THE BULGARIAN NATURE is a form of corporate event that helps to recover a natural resource for which state institutions do not care or have no financial opportunity for conservation. The realisation of this social activity brings not only satisfaction and joy but also a reward for the participants. This prize can be an adventure touristic program, realised on the same day of the volunteering or, a "traditional banquet" at the riverside restaurant.

THE LAST SUPPER is training in communication and interpersonal relations. The program may be part of a particular team event or can be realised as a stand-alone module.

These team building formats are an examples. A well working team building program typically includes elements of several team building formats.

An additional factor, on which the type of team building activities depends, is the selected location.

Suitable areas for team building