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Team building and corporate events in Bulgaria

Adventure team building with Edelweiss Club, Bulgaria

Rock climbing in Bulgaria

Drama games in Bulgaria

What are the incentives behind your team building event and what should be its focus?

If you have a clear answer to the above question you can get the best experience and long term effect from our team building events. Please contact us before choosing one of our programs. Discussing your goals in advance will enable us to offer you a program that best suits your needs.

Developing a successful team is a slow process. In that respect, the goal of our team building programs is to create a catalyst event, that will continue to provide outcome long after the event itself.

There are plenty of team building offers in Bulgaria. However, only a few can provide team building effect that is long lasting. Standard methods fail to simmulate a need for urgent action and a cooperation at raised emotional levels. Our adventure team building programs correct this failing.

Our team building adventures achieve maximum results in minimum time. Using complex tasks, challenging terrain and elements from extreme sports, and creating a feeling of "urgency" for shortening the personal space, we put your team in a fun but challenging environment to improve:

  • Team spirit.

  • Willingness to encourage and support other team members.

  • Motivation to reach the goal.

  • Decision making under pressure.

  • Ability to share responsibilites with all team members.

  • Leadership skills.

  • Confidence in overcoming personal psycological limitations.

  • Attention to detail and accuracy in role execution.

All elements of rock climbing, rafting, caving, kanyoning, military games, etc., are specially adapted for the needs of teamwork. They are 100% safe and are suitable for any generally healthy individual.

Furthermore, we offer team building programs based on creative activities, arts, drama, and logical problems with lower complexity that can be done at any location of your choice. Finally, team building activities in which the main focus is to chill out and relax are also available.

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