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Safety standards for adventure team building programs in Bulgaria

Security level of Edelweiss Club team building programs, Bulgaria

Training of Edelweiss Club team, Bulgaria

Safety is the number one priority in organizing teambuilding adventure programs of Edelweiss Club.

Our standards to minimize the risk take the following factors:

1. Organization of the event, including a sufficient number of facilitators and instructors responsible for the safety of individual exercises ... Each subgroup is accompanied by a facilitator, and each exercise has a separate instructor.

2. Design and realization of adventurous elements with duplicate security levels in terms of anchorages and alpine equipment.

3. Use of automatic, blocking, safety devices - rope insurances block automatically, even without human intervention.

4. Second system for control of the security elements in order to avoid accidental human error.

5. Permanent inspection of used equipment.

6. Maintain a current qualification and physical form of Edelweiss club instructors and facilitators.

Presence of a doctor on duty and a duty ambulance on a terrain as a safety standard. This fact wich is overlooked by many companies doing outdoor events with a large number of people ...

8. Insurance for participants, covering teambuilding outdoor exercises with elements of activities such as climbing, speleology, canyoning, rafting, mountain biking ... adapted for people without preliminary training.

Specific safety measures include preliminary securing of the program area and security measures during the program.

Preliminary securing of the area includes:

  • Team instructions for the upcoming event and safety measures - written with signatures.

  • Preliminary check of the area and places of exercises - check for labile rocks, transverse trees in the river and water basins ... or other factors endangering the participants.

  • Securing those parts of the route in which there may be potential problems - segregation of areas with dangerous rock boundaries from the route of the program, dangerous rapids and water thresholds, passing a rope railing at more difficult sections along the paths.

  • Verification of alpine, water and caving equipment for possible hidden defects as a result of previous teambuilding.

  • Equipping with personal safety equipment our team members.

  • Installing the rope elements of the program + duplication of the insurance points.

  • Preliminary play of the rope elements and exercises with boats.

Safety precautions during the event:

  • Preliminary briefing of all participants in their native language + written form with signature of the instructed.

  • Equipping the participants with the needful personal equipment.

  • Checking the equipment by our team.

  • In all rope components, there is a double / independent duplicate / verification of the "hanging"of the participants to the rope safety systems.

  • Use of automatic locking devices to ensure - the ensure system is blocking automatically, even if accidentally dropping of insurance by our instructor.

Annual club trainings to maintain and enhance the Edelweiss team's qualifications:

  • Training for realization of adventurous activities and rescue operations in water conditions and rivers.

  • Training for realization of rope activities and rescue operations in terrains containing canyons, caves and precipices.

  • Training for realization of programs and rescue operations in mountainous conditions.

  • Training for realization of adventure programs and rescue operations in winter conditions.

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