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Via Ferrata Maliovitsa

Climbing on Via Ferrata Maliovitsa

Climbing on Via Ferrata Maliovitsa with Edelweiss Club, Bulgaria

Organization of climbing the Via Ferrata Maliovitsa

Ascent the Via Ferrata Maliovitsa, Bulgaria

Via Ferratta comes from Italian and describes a steep mountain trail that is secured with metal railings, metal steps and passages that may require climbing. On this type of mountain routes, the adventurer is secured with alpine equipment and in some places the "route" is so airy that it feels like real mountaineering ......

The Italian Dolomites are the Mecca of the tourist routs through the steep cliffs. This style of crossing the mountain by people who are not climbers was born during the First World War. The first "Iron Trails" were built in the Dolomites, some of which even pass through artificial tunnels in the rocks. Through these routes, soldiers could quickly and safely get to a desired position, high up in the mountain.

Today this type of "Iron Trails" are an increasingly popular tourist attraction. There are similar routes in Bulgaria, one of which is located next to Malyovitsa Hut in Rila Mountain. The trail is built by real mountaineers and allows a person to touch the thrill and beauty of the alpine climb.

The "Via Ferratta Malyovitsa" passes along a rocky rib, located to the right of Peak Kuklata. The route reaches a panoramic view with wonderful views of the neighboring Urdina Valley and other peaks of the Rila Mountain. From the end of the Via Ferratta you can descend on a winding path, back in the valley of the Malyovitsa Hut or continue to Malyovishki lakes and Malyovitsa peak itself. During winter, climbing along the iron trail is possible, but getting down on its sides is avalanche risky!

If you want to cross the route on your own, it is recommended to have an alpine seat, helmet, safety ropes, carabiners and climbing skills to ensure your safety. Depending on your pace and qualification, it can take you between thirty minutes and three hours.

Tourists who do not have such equipment and mountain skills can benefit from our offer to climb the Via Ferratta Malyovitsa.

We offer:

  • Mountain guide, who will secure tourists on all the difficult stretches through an additional rope system. Each group of 6 people is accompanied by two guides.

  • Complete set of alpine equipment.

  • Training for handling Alpine equipment.

Climbing can be done within one day, but it must be tailored to the specific weather conditions.

Those wishing to engage in such an adventure must be in good physical shape and have appropriate mountain clothing and footwear.

The multiple-day adventure options may also include:

  • Climbing Malyovitsa Peak through the northeast ridge,

  • Climbing Zliat Zub Peak,

  • Mountain cross to Lake Strashno area, the Seven Rila Lakes, Ivan Vazov Hut or Rila Monastery,

The starting point of the route is Malyovitsa / Central Maliovitsa Mountain School / which can be reached by car. From the parking lot to the beginning of the "Iron Trail" is about an hour and a half by foot through a pleasant forest path. Sleeping in the area, can be in a tent, in the Malyovitsa Hut, which is very close to the route or in the nearby hotels of Mecha Polyana, Gyulechitsa or Govedartsi village.


240 euros for a group of 1 to 4 people. For every next person: 45 euros.

The price does not include food, accommodation and transport.

We also offer:

  • Professional photo shoot of the event.

  • Professional video shooting with camera, action camera and dron + additional video editing.