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Лого на клуб Еделвайс

Climbing in Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

Climbing and Rappelling on the Haramiata peak, Bulgaria

Lakatrnik Rocks

Climbing into Prohodna cave

The program is suitable for adventure seekers who lack sufficient experience in climbing, but want to experience the adrenaline and emotion of this activity.

The adventure includes climbing, rappelling down an alpine rope, lecture and practical exercises to work with specific equipment. With us, every program is a type of training.

During winter check our Ice Climbing program.

The “Chimneys” of Vitosha

The rock massif of the “Kominite" is situated on the northern part of Vitosha Mountain, in vicinity to Sofia. The climbing spots are reached after a short hike through the forest belt of the mountain. The place is extremely suitable for first timers. From the top of the rocks there is a splendid panorama view towards the whole Sofia field and the western Balkan mountain. The adventure here can be realized almost every day from May to the end of October.

“The tooth” of Vrachanski Balkan

Vratsa Rocks are one of the most popular climbing sites in Bulgaria. They are located at the Vratsa Passage, near Vratsa town. They can be reached by car or cycling through the mountain. Among the magnificent panorama here is the rock tower called "The Tooth", which is shown in the 3rd photo of this page. The name of the sharp rock only speaks of the inaccessibility of this massif, but there is a climbing route suitable for people with little experience in alpinism. Through this route, which is relatively easy, the highest point of "The Tooth" can be reached, from where we rappel back down to flat land.

The program in this area is suitable for spring, autumn and cool summer.

“The Evil Tooth” in Rila Mountain

The peaks and rocks in the Malyovishki part of the Rila Mountain are the cradle of Bulgarian alpinism. The climbing program here is 2 days. The goal is to climb “The Evil Tooth” from the north-east ridge. The route is located high in the mountain and requires good physical training.

"The Evil Tooth" peak is one of the Rila gorges, with no hiking trails. Its southeast wall is one of the greatest challenges for native mountaineers. The easiest way to climb “The Evil Tooth” is from the south. Another comparatively accessible but extremely adrenaline route is the northeast edge, after which a sharp horizontal ridge leads to the top of the peak. This is the route we chose for our climb.

This program can be discovered under appropriate atmospheric conditions during the summer or the first autumn days.

Climbing in the Prohodna cave

Prohodna Cave is located in the Karlukovo karst area near the town of Lukovit. The area is a perfect combination of caves, rock arches, little canyons and a river that are a natural setting for a variety of adventure activities. This is the perfect spot for a beginners climbing program, which does not depend on weather conditions. Anywhere else in Bulgaria can be pouring torrential rain or great heat, but in the cave of Prohodna is mostly dry and cool. The program can be combined with boats, cycling, rappelling in caves, visiting ancient rock churches and a pleasant campfire.

The program in this area can be one-day or multi-day from April to October.

Price: The price depends on the place of the program, the number of participants and the season. Please if you are interested in this program, email us and we will send you a specific offer.