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Ice climbing on Skakavitsa waterfall, Rila mountain, Bulgaria

Ice climbing on Boyana waterfall, Vitosha mountain, Bulgaria

Ice climbing and rappelling in Rila mountain, Bulgaria

Ice climbing in Iskar gorge, Bulgaria

If you love the mountains and want to touch the emotions of the winter challenges, through our "Ice climbing" program, you can safely climb some of the frozen waterfalls of Rila, Vitosha or Stara Planina.

The adventure depends heavily on the weather in winter, so we offer three areas that are suitable for different snow and ice conditions.

Boyana waterfall on Vitosha Mountain

The waterfall freezes almost every winter during the cold days of January or February. The height of the ice is about 25 meters. The Boyana Waterfall is an extremely suitable place for first steps in ice climbing. It is about an hour's walk on a mountain trail from Sofia and about twenty minutes from Momina Skala hut. In winter, with enough snow you can descend to the waterfall with skiing from the regions of Cherni Vrah or Golden Bridges.

The waterfalls of Iskar Gorge, Stara Planina

These waterfalls froze only in the coldest winters, but are a perfect place for ice climbing. Suitable for beginner climbers is the waterfall "Pod Kamiko", which is located at the village of Bov and is about 40 meters high. For lovers of more adrenaline and difficult climbs, the challenge is Skaklya waterfall, which is around the village of Zasele. Both waterfalls are easily reached by car, so there is more time for climbing ... The starting point for the adventure is the town of Svoge.

The waterfalls of the Iskar Gorge are suitable for climbing for a maximum one or two weeks from the coldest January. These waterfalls do not freeze every winter.

The first photo of this page is from the waterfall "Skaklia" near the village of Zasele.

The Skakavitsa waterfalls in the Rila Mountains

The small and large Skakavitsa waterfalls are located in the northwestern part of the Rila Mountain near the Skakavitsa hut. A starting point for the region is Sapareva Banya and the resort of Panichishte. Skakavitsa can be easily reached by skiing from the area of the seven Rila lakes.

A suitable season for the adventure is January - March

Skakavitsa waterfalls freeze every year, but due to avalanche conditions, access to the big waterfall is not always safe. The large Skakavitsa waterfall is about 65 meters high. Little Skakavitsa is on two levels with a total height of about 50 meters. The small waterfall is in a relatively safe place and can climb anytime in the winter. This waterfall is suitable for initial training.

The duration of the program in the Skakavitsa region is appropriate to be two days. Lodging can be found in the hut Skakavitsa.

The ice adventure includes:

  • training and practicing the climbing of a frozen waterfall as the level of difficulty is tailored for people without pre-training.

  • abseiling.

  • lecture and practice on "Avalanche Safety". This point is included in Skakavitsa's two-day program.

All alpine equipment is provided to program participants. The necessary personal equipment is clothes and shoes for the winter mountain.

The Road to Skakavitsa hut:

From town of Sapareva Banya, by car via the mountain resort Panichishte you get to the place Zeleni Preslap. The direction of the road is Panichishte – Pionerska hut. From Zeleni Preslap, where a convenient and cleaned parking for cars is, you start walking along a forest trail to Skakavitsa hut. The hike is about an hour – an hour and a half.

The Skakavitsa hut can be reached by skiing from the area of Rila Lakes Chalet.


We offer program "Ice Climbing" in two-day format at a price of 160 EUR per person. The price is valid for minimum 4 participants. We can prepare a special offer for individual participants or for large groups. The price includes instructors, equipment and climbing ... The price does not include transportation, food and overnight accommodations at the hut.


Each group can set a date of their choice. Individual participants can join a larger group when possible.


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Iskar Gorge
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