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Kayaking near Sofia on the Pchelina Dam, Bulgaria

Pchelina Dam

Adventure of the Pchelina dam with the Edelweiss club, Bulgaria

Kayaking on the Bulgarian dams

Edelweiss Club offers boat tours with inflatable kayaks in dams and quiet rivers. This adventure program does not require any preliminary experience on the part of the participants and is suitable for inclusion of young children.

In Bulgaria and in the neighboring countries, very close to the borders there are many suitable places for water tourism.

Close to Sofia, the Pchelina Dam, which is close to Zemen and Radomir, is particularly pleasant for water and hiking trips. The season of Pchelina is from spring to autumn.

Close to our capital, at the foot of the Balkan Mountains, on the Serbian territory is the Zavoiisko Lake. It is one very attractive place for kayaking. The right time for kayaking tours in this area is the late spring, summer and early autumn.

In Bulgaria, popular among the lovers of kayaking trips are the Batak, Beglika and Shiroka Polyana dams, which are located in the Western Rhodopes,. These programs can be perfectly combined with mountain biking. Adventures on the beaches of Beglika and Shiroka Polyana are suitable for the summer. In the Eastern Rhodopes, the Studen Kladenets and Ivaylovgrad dams are also very appropriate for water tours. These areas are good for excursions from spring to autumn.

To the south of the Bankan Mountains the dams, which are worth visiting, are Topolnitsa, Dushantsi and Zhrebchevo. The best season for these areas is the summer.

In Bulgaria, of course, there are many other water pools suitable for kayaking in quiet water. Therefore, we can also organize a water campaign in a region of choice of the participants that is not described in these lines.

The boats we offer are inflatable kayaks and are very stable in the water, even for a person who is boarding such vessel for the first time. With these boats we also descend on rivers with rapids. The capacity of one boat is two adults + one or two young children. All participants in the kayaking tours are secured with life jackets, and if necessary we can provide wetsuits.


This is the closest and the most attractive area for water tourism near Sofia. The start of the adventure begins along the Struma River near the village of Priboy. The river in this area is small and quiet. About four kilometers after the start, Struma's basin serpentines among trees and reeds and later flowed into the Pchelina Dam. Many waterfowl birds can be seen in this area. The transition through the dam can be two or more hours, depending on the wishes of the participants.One of the most fascinating moments in this excursion is the visit of St. John the Baptist Chapel, which was built a leek 1350 years on the top of a rock hill towering over the valley of the Struma River. The outskirts of the dam are suitable for outdoor picnics. It is also possible to dine in a restaurant located on the very shore of Pchelina.


The program is primarily offered for groups, the price and date being specified according to the participants' request.

If you are an individual participant or a small group, please write to us and we will send you a specific offer.

Video from Pchelina Dam
Kayaking on the river with rapids