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Photoalbum "Adventure day in the Iskar gorge"
Abseiling, Canyoning and Caving in Bulgaria
Climbing in Temnata Dupka cave
Abseiling and climbing in Bulgaria
Zip Line near Sofia, Bulgaria
Abseiling, rafting and kayaking in Bulgaria
Lakatnik area

Canyoning and Rafting in Bulgaria with Edelweiss Club

Waterfall Abseiling near Sofia, Bulgaria

kayaking in Bulgaria

Kayaking near Sofia, Bulgaria

Temnata dupka cave

Cave tour near Sofia, Bulgaria

Cave orientation by map and compass

Park Lakatnishki skali

Climbing in Iskar gorge, Bulgaria

Zipline in Iskar gorge, Bulgaria

Mountain biking near Sofia

Mountain biking in Stara Planina, Bulgaria

Вирът на Петренски дол

Река Искър при парк Лакатнишки скали

Rafting on the Iskar river, Bulgaria

Rafting and Kayaking with Edelweiss club, Bulgaria
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