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Temnata dupka cave, Kalotina

Vodopada cave, Devetaki

Temnata dupka, Kalotina

Ponora cave

Water cave near Krushuna, Bulgaria

Club Edelweiss offers the admirers’ of the most attractive, natural and underground aquapark of Bulgaria.

Our special "spa offer" allows you to dive into spring water and swim through caving rivers, waterfalls and lakes hidden in the Devetashko Plateau and Western Balkan Mountains.

The video will give you the best idea of the emotion of this adventure.

Adventure can take place in the following places:

  • Waterfall cave, Devetashko karst plateau. This is our most attractive program in a water cave. Moving through the cave gallery includes swimming against the current of the underground river. The place is near the towns of Pleven, Lovech and Levski. The surroundings of the cave are very pleasant for walks and rest. There is a two-day or multi-day adventure program that includes kayaking down the Osam River, visiting the Devetashka cave, climbing and rappelling. A starting point for the adventure is the village of Krushuna. Entry into the cave is impossible in the rainy season and during snowmelt.

  • Uruska Maara Cave, Devetashko Karst Plateau. This cave is very close to the Waterfall cave, but it is a bit harder. It is suitable for a two-day program, on the first day entering the cave Waterfall. Uruska Maara is rich in secondary cave formations such as stalagmites, stalagtites, different formations, ancient fossils not seen in the Waterfall cave. Programs in Uruska Maara do not take place between May and June when the bats breeding season.

  • The Kalotina Temna Dupka. It is located in the region of Kalotina, near Sofia. The cave is like a canyon with an underground river and ponds. Passing through the cave requires swimming, rope climbing and climbing. The cave is suitable for a year-round visit.

Participants in the adventure are equipped with neoprene clothing and life jackets. The water begins at the entrance to the caves, but you do not have to be a good swimmer to participate in such an adventure. The wetsuit and the life jacket will keep you on top of the water, even if you can not swim at all.

Event time:

Each group can pick a day of their choice.

A program can be made also for individual participants or small groups at a budget as for a group of 8 people. Individual participants and small groups can write to us to add them to a larger group whenever possible.

Reaching the starting point:

  • By car.

  • By organized transport.

We provide:

  • Neoprene clothing and life jackets.

  • Helmets and lighting.

  • Cave guides. Each group of up to 8 people is accompanied by three instructors.

Required personal equipment:

  • Swimsuit and towel.


  • One-day program for a group of 4 to 8 people in caves of the western part of Bulgaria, near Sofia: 500 euros. For each next person: 50 euros..

  • One-day program for a group of 4 to 8 people in the area of Devetashsky plateau, the village of Krushuna: 550 euros. For each next person: 55 euros.

  • Two-day program with water caves in the Krushuna area for group between 4 and 8 people: 1000 euros. For every next person: 100 euros.

The price includes the realization of the program, the necessary equipment and guides.

The price does not include food, transportation and overnight for participants. Hotel accommodation can be in a guest house, small hotel or tent camp.

If you are an individual participant or a small group, please write us and we will send you a specific offer.

We also offer:

Professional photo and / or video shooting of the event.

Cave Photo Album

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Water cave near Krushuna
Water cave near Sofia