Приключения с клуб Еделвайс
Лого на клуб Еделвайс

Caving in Iskar Gorge, Bulgaria

Temnata dupka cave, Lakatnik, Bulgaria

Caving near Sofia, Bulgaria

Abseiling in Prohodna cave, Bulgaria

The rock formation Oknata in Prohodna cave

The exploration of the caves is the work of the experienced cavers, but adventure lovers can also safely touch the secrets of the underworld through our adventures in the Iskar Gorge.

We offer a visit to three caves where the program can include climbing and rope downhill in an underground gallery:

Cave Elata

It is located in Ponor Mountain, which is part of the western Balkan Mountains. The starting point for the adventure is the town of Svoge. The cave is in the vicinity of the village of Zimevica, which is situated on a high plateau above the Iskar Gorge - 60 km north of Sofia.

Elata is a relatively small, but very beautiful cave. It is entered by alpine rope through a "vertical chimney". There is a large hall decorated with bizarre underground formations and descending to a small underground lake. The back road to the sun is again on an alpine rope or cave ladder.

The trip to the Elata cave includes a small mountain pass in the area of Mount Srebenica, which offers a splendid panorama to the entire western Balkan Mountains. In the summer, the caving can continue with a mountain bike and panoramic downhill to the valley of the Iskretska river. In winter, when there is a lot of snow, the cave can be reached by snowshoes or skiing, as the return is downhill slope and untouched snow.

Temna Dupka in Lakatnik

A very popular cave, one of the longest in Bulgaria. It is located in the park Lakatnishki skali, near the town of Svoge. Although the cave is not rich in stalagmites and stalagmites, but its galleries, floors, underground rivers, lakes and waterfalls are a challenge for everyone.

The beginning of the cave is a labyrinth that covers a small underground lake and a waterfall. This cave road is suitable for everyone and can be seen in about an hour.

There is also a tougher route that requires climbing and rappelling. This leads to the top floor of the cave and a wide gallery with the underground river. This program may take two or three hours depending on the size and mobility of the group.

Prohodna Cave

One of the most impressive Bulgarian caves, which is naturally illuminated and easily accessible for tourists. It is located near the village of Karlukovo, Lukovit. On the ceiling of this cave is the famous natural phenomenon "Oknata".

In the galleries of Prohodna and in the surrounding caves and canyons, many adventures are available, such as climbing, zip-lining through rocky canyons, rappelling, boats along the Iskar River, cycling, trekking.

In the area there are also authentic rock churches, a visit can also be included in the program.

Event time:

Each group can pick a day of their choice.

A program can be made also for individual participants or small groups at a budget as for a group of 10 people. Individual participants and small groups can write to us to add them to a larger group whenever possible.

Reaching the starting point:

  • By car.

  • By organized transport.

We provide:

  • Helmets and lighting.

  • Cave guides.

Required personal equipment:

  • Clothes suitable for hiking and a cave with a temperature of 10 degrees.


The price depends on the place of the program, the number of participants and the season. Please if you are interested in this program, please write to us and we will send you a specific offer.

We also offer:

Professional photo and / or video shooting of the event.

Cave Photo Album