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Team Building in Tsarevets fortress, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Team Building in Tsarevets Fortress, Bulgaria

Team Building in Tsari Mali Grad fortress, Samokov, Bulgaria

Team Building in the medieval fortresses of Bulgaria

Team Building on Yantra river, Bulgaria

We offer programmes specifically developed for some of Bulgaria’s ancient fortresses and archaeological monuments.

Suitable fortresses for adventure team activities can be found in many parts of the country. Popular examples include Belogradchik, Lovech, the surroundings of Ruse, Silistra, Shumen, Provadia and the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. Particularly suitable and grand are Tsarevets (the old capital of Bulgaria) in Veliko Tarnovo and the Tsari Mali Grad fortress near Sofia.

Tsari Mali Grad

Closest to our capital is the Tsari Mali grad fortress, which is located near the village of Belchin Banya. The place is excellent for a programme in the Mission format, based on authentic archaeological artefacts. The programme can be extended with rope activities and creative tasks, re-enacting life on the border of the late Roman Empire (i.e. when the fortress was built).

Further detail can be presented during a pre-event meeting.

Bojenishki Urvich

This fortress is located in the foothills of The Balkan Mountain, around 80 km northeast from Sofia, near Botevgrad. Bojenishki Urvich is one of the last Bulgarian fortresses to fall during the Osman Invasion in the 14th century. It is renowned for a rock inscription from the time of Tsar Ivan Shishman. This artefact is included in the fable for our adventure programme.

More about Bojenishki Urvich

Tsarevets Fortress

The city of Veliko Tarnovo is centrally located, which makes it the preferred destination for national corporate events. The duration of this programme can be one or several days. The region is nice to visit during all seasons, except for a few extremely hot weeks during July and August.

The programme follows the Mission format (see our Formats page) and is based on authentic historical events and artefacts. In addition, the fable for the event includes orienteering, rock climbing, rope activities and rafts.

Some of the most attractive elements are:

  • Abseiling from the tower of Baldwin;

  • Ascending a rope ladder to the northwest defensive tower;

  • A raft tour around the fortress on the river Yantra;

  • Penetration into the fortress by climbing over the southern walls;

  • A history based problem solved by using orienteering techniques among the ruins;

  • Re-enactment challenge in the Tsar palace.

These activities are not tourist attractions and have been designed specifically for team building.

The raft tour takes approximately 40 minutes and is most enjoyable in late spring/early summer. The tour can be extended downstream along the Yantra River towards the mighty Danube.

Multiday adventure activities starting from Veliko Tarnovo can include the following places:

  • The Tsarevets fortress;

  • The karst region of Dryanovo Monastery, including two nature trails, a canyon, a monastery and the tourist cave Bacho Kiro;

  • The Yovkovtsi and Stambolijski reservoirs;

  • The canyon near the village of Emen;

  • The water caves near the village of Krushuna.

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