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Treasure hunt in Bozhenehki urvich fortress, Bulgaria

Team Building Task The Climbers in the Bojenishki urvich fortress, Bulgaria

Team Building and rappelling

The Fortress Bojenishki Urvich is located about 70 km northeast of Sofia, near Botevgrad, Pravets and Mezdra towns.

The fortress covers one of the panoramic hills of the Pre-Balkan, which is located in the territory of Bozhenitsa village. The area combines broad-leaved forest and rock towers, which is a natural place of the adventure program.

The fortress "Bozhenishki urvich" is remarkable with its rock inscription from the time of Tsar Ivan Shishman. The inscription is carved in the area of the fortress, just before the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman domination. This historical artifact is embedded in the adventure teambuilding program.

At the bottom of "Bozhenishki urvich" there is a complex of bowers and a stage that can be used as a shelter in case of rain.

The area is extremely convenient for one-day programs without hotel accommodation, if the starting point is in Sofia.

The one-day program may include:

  • A “treasure hunt-style” task that has been developed specially for "Bozhenishki urvich" and covers the most interesting and remarkable parts of the fortress:

  • Various types of rope climbing and/or rappelling, that are suitable for people without experience in these activities.

  • An archery field or airborne weapon

  • Synchronizing tasks with retransmission of visual information through the natural observation towers of the fortress.

  • Creative tasks on an open scene.

  • Logical tasks in format of "Mission" among the ruins, the rock niches and the caves of "Bozhenishki urvich".

  • Scenario paintball. "Bozhenishki urvich" has excellent conditions for realization of paintball under a given scenario at the root of the fortress.

The program can be reduced as a level of difficulty or upgraded to any other kind of teamwork.

Multi-day events in this part of Bulgaria can also include:

  • A teambuilding program in the Prohodna cave area.

  • An adventure program in the area of God's Bridge - Vratsa.

  • Rafting and/or kayaking along the Iskar River

  • A Mountain hiking in Vrachanski Balkan.

  • An adventure program with water caves in the Krushuna region.

  • A cycle route along the Iskar River valley.

  • Tent camping with evening campfire.

The event can be conducted in all possible teambuilding formats.

Each program is absolutely safe secured by our team.

Video of Bojenitsa fortress
Video of scenario paintball
Video of Tsarevets fortress