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Team Building close to Sofia

Team Building at Pchelina Dam, Bulgaria

Organizing Corporate Events at the Pchelina dam

Chateau Saint John Summer at the Pchelina Dam, Bulgaria

Team Building and Kayaking close to Sofia

Team Building activities and tourism with kayaks near Sofia, Bulgaria

Pchelina Dam is located about an hour southwest of Sofia, near Zemen and Radomir towns.

The place is very appropriate for the corporate events realization, which includes water trip with kayaks. The program can be realized as a teambuilding with series of teamwork tasks or as an adventure tour, including boats and hiking. The boats route can start from the Struma River and after this enter the dam. Trekking is good to cover the area of St. John Summer, which is built on the top of a rocky hill in the 14th century. Mentioned native and historical places are excellent elements for a teambuilding program in “Mission” format.

The best seasons for events in the area of Pchelina Dam are late spring, early summer and early autumn.

The one-day program is appropriate to include:

  • Team activities with boats, rafts and swimming.

  • Exercises developing synchronization and communication skills realized on the meadow.

  • Logical tasks in format of “Mission” that have been developed specially for the area of St. John.

  • Creative tasks.

  • A military Task “SPETSNAZ” - Special Purpose Forces or scenario paintball.

  • Bow field with bows, catapults or airborne weapons.

  • Rope exercises for teamwork, built on rocks.

  • Any other type of teambuilding activities suitable for outdoor realization.

Multi-day event in this part of Bulgaria can also include:

  • Trekking in the gorge of Zemen.

  • Evening with a campfire and tent camp in the area of Polska Skakavitsa waterfall .

  • Kayaking or rafting on the Struma River in part of the Zemen Gorge or the area of Pastuh village. This option strongly depends on the season, the current conditions of the river and the preliminary experience of the participants.

  • A mountain program in Rila.

  • A teambuilding program in Panichishte.