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Teambuilding near Sofia, Bulgaria

Team building with boats near Sofia, Bulgaria

Team building with rope exercises in Sofia

Adventure teambuilding in Sofia

Organization of teambuilding events in Sofia with Edelweiss club, Bulgaria

Teambuilding activities near Sofia

Pancharevo lake is located in the south part of Sofia. The water basin borders a park area, which is appropriate for walks, hike or rest. Pancharevo is one of the places in the capital where an adventure teambuilding program can be realized, including water activities, rope exercises and many other kinds of team games.

Events in this area can be conducted outdoors almost all year round. The best seasons are spring, early or late summer and autumn.

There are several restaurants close to the programs location where the participants can dine before, after or during the event.

Surrounding of Pancharevo lake is very convenient for one-day program without hotel accommodation, if the starting point is Sofia.

For a program with a large quantity of people in the Pancharevo park area a special permission from the local authorities is needed, which means a fee payment owed to the Sofia Municipality.

The one-day program may include:

  • Water exercises with rafting boats, kayaks, rafts and others

  • Different types of rope exercises that are built on high trees and are suitable for people without experience in these activities.

  • Firing range with bows or air guns.

  • Synchronizing tasks.

  • Creative tasks.

  • Any kind of team games that can take place on a meadow or in a forest.

The program can be reduced as a level of difficulty or be upgraded with other activities.

Alternative places for teambuilding events near Sofia:

  • Vitosha Mountain - this program depends on the season and the meteorological forecast, it can be realized in the low, middle or high part of the mountain.

  • Iskar Dam - a suitable place for teambuilding is the Shipochenski bay of the dam.

  • Iskar Gorge - an excellent place for an adventure program including rafting, kayaking, canyoning, caves, rocks...

  • Pchelina Dam - located about an hour southwest of Sofia.