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team building in a sports hall in Bulgaria

Team Building in Arena Assarel, Panagiurishte, Bulgaria

Team Building Panagiurishte

If you want to make a memorable indoor program full of adrenaline in the central part of Bulgaria, then sports Arena Assarel, located in Panagurishte is a perfect choice.

At that place our team offers rope activities in teambuilding format and many other team games that can be realized absolutely independently from the season and the weather conditions.

The event, created mostly for performance indoors, may also include outdoor team games that take place in the park area around Arena Assarel. Such a combined program may even include water teambuilding activities with boats or rafts.

In the surroundings of Panagyurishte we can also conduct events that are entirely outdoors. Similar events take place in the park area or along the water basin near Panagyurishte.

Opportunities for events realization in Arena Assarel are good to coordinate in advance with the schedule of other public events that take place in the hall.

The one-day variation of the program may include:

  • Rope team exercises with climbing, lowering and swinging on an alpine rope, which is suitable for people without a preliminary experience.

  • A logic task in a style of “Mission”, which may takes place in the park area of Panagyurishte or in the museum nook of the sports hall.

  • Variegated team games for synchronization and communication that can be realized in the hall or on the meadow next to the sports base.

  • Creative tasks on an open stage

  • Water activities with boats and rafts that take place in close proximity to Areal Assarel

The program can be reduced as a level of difficulty or upgraded with any other kind of team games.

Multi-day events in this part of the country can also include:

  • A teambuilding program in a water expedition format with kayaks or rafting boats in the Topolnitsa dam. This program is appropriate for the end of spring and summer.

  • An event with water activities priority, taking place at the Pyasurnik dam.

  • An outdoor program in the area of Panagyurish Columns or Starosel.