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Team Building on Batak dam, Bulgaria

Kayaking on Iskar dam, Bulgaria

Team Building on Sopot Dam, Bulgaria

Team Building near Borovets, Bulgaria

Team Building with rope activities

Team Building in Combat format, Bulgaria

Creative team building tasks in Bulgaria

The dams in Bulgaria offer excellent opportunities for team building in late spring, summer, and early autumn.

In these regions we can include big variety water exercises with swimming, float, kayaks, catamaran, pontoon bridges … Also along the coastline we can realize team exercises in any other format.

The advantage of artificial ponds in front of the sea is that the dams are smaller without excitement, and the area for water team building activities is not exposed to strong wind.

Dams with different scales exist in all regions in Bulgaria. Interesting programs can happen where there the dam is nearby forest, natural monument, in mountain or part from city park area.

We can implement program with water workouts in every pond, but we describe a few places very suitable for this purpose:

  • Batak Dam – located in western Rhodope Mountain, nearby Velingrad. Hotel accommodation can be in „Cigov Chark” or Velingrad .

  • Sopot Dam – located in “Predbalkan”, north Bulgaria nearby Lesidren village. Comfortable hotel bases for this area are Lesidren village, Troyan, Chiflika, Lovech.

  • Stamboliiski Dam – located “Predbalkan”, central Bulgaria, nearby Sevlievo village and Veliko Tarnovo.

  • Water basins near Bansko, Borovets, “Starozagorski Mineralni Bani”, Hisarq, Pleven, Pravets, have big choice of hotel accommodation.

  • Pancharevo Dam, located nearby Sofia.

One day option for adventure team building program to a water pool might look like this:

  • Water exercises with rafting boats and kayaks. The task is specially designed like team work not like tourist attraction.

  • Water exercises, associated with building an equipment type like float boat, catamaran and go after mission in the water with the build “ship”.

  • Rope exercises in the wood close to dam.

  • Synchronizing team building task on the meadow.

Extra activities, which can replace or complement aforesaid exercises:

  • Creative mission.

  • Logical mission.

  • Extra rope exercises.

  • Team task for orientation with map and compass in form “Mission”. This trial can be upgraded – level of difficulty with including trace for mountain cycling appropriate for people off-hand.

  • Shooting polygon with bows or air weapons.

  • Team building zone in military format.

The program can be reduced like level of difficulty or upgraded with any other team tasks.

Video of Pancharevo dam
Video of Pchelina dam