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Team Building at Bojiat most

God's Bridge, Vratsa, Bulgaria

Team Building near Vratsa, Bulgaria

Bozhia Most(The Bridge of Gods), another area of outstanding natural beauty, is 130 km north of Sofia, near the town of Vratza. The area encompasses a natural rock bridge and cave, a small river gorge, and ancient ruins. Nearby is the cave Ponora, whose underground river can be explored with rafts or by swimming.

The rock formations of the Bozhia Most allow for team building with canyoning activities. Such elements are difficult to perform safely elsewhere in Bulgaria.

The best season for this event is from mid April to late October, while the water activities are most enjoyable between May and September.

The main programme in the Bozhia Most region uses elements of orienteering, rock climbing, caving, canyoning, and rafting, for people without previous experience. The level of difficulty is matched to the individual physical ability. The main team challenges are psychological.

The single-day version of the programme may include:

  • Swimming/rafting activity in “Survivor” style, which was designed specifically for this area;

  • Two different types of rope activities for team building, one of which takes place in a naturally lit cave;

  • Logical problems in Mission format (see Formats page) among the ancient fortress ruins and the natural caves in the region;

The difficulty and content of the programme can be adjusted to your needs.

The multiday programme will typically include:

  • Team building activities in the region of the natural rock formation Vratzata;

  • Hill walking along the ridge or on nature trails of Vrachanski Balkan;

  • Kayaking or rafting on Iskar River in the area of Strupeshki Monastery and the town of Roman;

  • Mountain biking around the Vrachanski Balkan area or along the ridge of western Stara Planina (from Petrohan to Lakatnik);

  • An evening with campfire and overnight camping.

This programme can follow any of our team building formats.