Приключения с клуб Еделвайс
Лого на клуб Еделвайс

Тиймбилдинг през зимата на Мальовица

Зимна тиймбилдинг програма на Банско

Тийм билдинг през зимата на Боровец

The evening program may be used as an emotional final of every event or as a warm-up stage of a company event the next day.

The program can be held:

  • in a hotel room where the group resides

  • in a restaurant or tavern

  • in a night bar

  • on a meadow with a campfire in summer

A good option of this program is the teambuilding format “The Show of Colleagues”. In it all colleagues come “on stage” one by one. Each group receives from the lead blitz a task that has to be performed in front of the audience (the other colleagues). The task can be in the form of sketch, dance, song, fashion show, etc.

In the format your colleagues are the important ones, not the host, nor the guest performers. This makes our program useful and different from other evening programs.

“The Show of Colleagues” is an excellent start of a filled with dance and nice atmosphere night.