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Team Building in Pravets

Near RIU Pravets hotel

Team building with archery

Company Holiday in Bulgaria

Corporate sports event

The "Corporate holiday" program is an event that can be conducted as:

  • Rest and relaxation.

  • A reward for the efforts made in the working life.

  • Meeting all colleagues from the company or department.

  • Group activities divided by interests.

  • Lectures and activities aimed at healthy lifestyle.

  • A concert of a favorite band or an artist.

  • A healthy day in the mountains.

  • A river expedition with kayaks or rafting boats.

  • An adventure tourism including caves, canyons, climbing, Via ferrata…

  • An active sports day.

Unlike the classic teambuilding programs, here everyone present can choose whether to relax by the pool, on the beach, on the meadow in the mountains or to take part in group activities, which accompany the event.

We can organize a wide range of activities to be popular, sports, creative, dance games and tasks, shooting area, fishing, crafts, adventure tourism...

Such events can be complemented via lectures by specialists on topics like healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, diets...

The icing on the cake in similar events may be the inclusion of a favorite group or an artist.

For the enthusiastic part of the participants, we can arrange a mountain trekking, sailing, or other adventures.

If you want the organization of such an event to meet the expectations of your colleagues, then an internal company survey can be conducted in advance, taking into account the attitudes of employees.

Additional details of the program can be presented at the meeting.