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Творческа тиймбилдинг прогрма в района на Мелник и Роженския манастир

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Тийм билдинг на върха на Мелнишките пирамиди

Тийм билдинг във винарската изба на Кордопуловата къща

Вечерна тийм билдинг програма с хора и танци в Глинените къщи, село Илинденци

The team building program in the Melnik and Rozhen area may include:

  • The surroundings of the Rozhen Monastery. There are panoramic meadows that are suitable for an initial icebreaking area with a large number of people.

  • The path between Rozhen Monastery and Melnik, which takes just over an hour. One can reach the top of one of the Rozhen pyramids along this path.

  • Melnik. Various missionary team games can be made in the city, which include the winery of the Kordopool House or the Wine Museum.

  • The old fortress over Melnik.

Our special offer:

The form of the event, which we think is best suited to the Melnik and Rozhen area, combines creative assignments and historical mission-type tasks. It is a good idea that the programme's creative tasks and general plot are of a historical and folklore character, reflecting the temperament of the Macedonian revolutionary organization that operated in these lands more than a century ago.

The church of Yane Sandanski, the Rozhen monastery, the path between the monastery and Melnik, as well as the wineries and archeological artifacts of Melnik can be covered by a Mission developed on the basis of real historical figures and events that happened in the past.

The program is also perfectly combined with a light adventure element that includes reaching the top of one of the Rozhen pyramids. In this activity the whole group is provided with alpine equipment. Continuing the daytime event with a folklore-style evening program is a good idea for the emotional end of the teambuilding.

Event planning in the area of Melnik and Rozhen:

The best seasons for programs in this part of Bulgaria are spring and autumn. In winter there is no long snow cover in the area, temperatures are not very low and in this context winter in Melnik is also a good season for team building programs.

The summer in the area of ​​Melniki and Rozhen is very hot and this season is not a good choice for a corporate event. This is especially true when some colleagues have health problems and it is not advisable to expose them to excessive heat.

When planning a summer program in the area, it is appropriate to focus on an evening event.

When planning a summer program in the area, it is appropriate to focus on an evening event.
The photos and videos that illustrate the program are from team building with the Bulgarian team of Inditex. Inditex owns a worldwide chain of stores and has long been a fashion brand in brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Pull and Bear ...

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