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Team Building and Caving in Bulgaria

Team Building and Caving, Bulgaria

Cave team building, Bulgaria

Temnata Dupka Cave, Kalotina

Team Buildin with caves close to Sofia

Vetrena Dopka

Adventure teambuilding near Sofia, Bulgaria

The program covers Bulgarian and Serbian caves, where we conduct attractive teambuilding events. In our country there are many uncultivated caves and only a few of them are appropriate for visitors without preliminary knowledge in speleology.

Places which are appropriate for corporate events related to caves are:

Also, we had events in cultivated underground galleries such as Bacho Kiro caves near Dryanovo, Ledenika, Saeva Dupka, Magurata ... These natural beauties can be visited easily, so now our programs cover mostly the wild caves, where each of the participants immerses himself in the true spirit of adventure. In these areas, we can realize the event in an adventure tourism or in a teambuilding formats. The cave teambuilding program includes a logical framework and specialized team games with orienteering, ropes and underground water.

Our special offer:

The most attractive teambuilding program in the underworld involves penetrating into water caves by boats or swimming. The appropriate places for such an event are:

  • Temnata Dupka Cave (“The Dark Hole”) at Kalotina, which is an hour’s drive to the west of Sofia

  • The Ponora Cave, located near the natural landmark of God's Bridge, not far from Vratsa

  • Krushuna Waterfalls Cave, located near the city of Lovech

  • The Boninska Cave, located in the Devetashko karst plateau in the Krushuna village

Each of these caves have its specificity of natural resources, which depend on the details of the event. The logical framework of the teambuilding program is in “Mission” format. The event requires a map orientation, passing through underground lakes by boats, climbing along small cave waterfalls and, of course, swimming in the underground waters with neoprene clothing and a life jacket.

Програмата е силно фокусирана към:

  • Collegial support and mutual assistance

  • Motivation of the participants

  • The leadership position

  • Building a team spirit

During the events in water caves, all the participants are equipped with neoprene suits, helmets, personal lighting and life jackets. This equipment allows you to pass any water barrier clear even by people who cannot swim well enough.

Alternative cave programs:

  • Temnata Dupka Cave in Lakatnik. Here the event covers the entrance labyrinth of the cave, the underground lake and a waterfall, and the upper floor of the cave as well, which is reachable by climbing and ropes through an "underground canyon".

  • Caves along the Vit River near the Uglen village. This is a little-known, but extremely interesting area, which is located not far away from Lukovit. Here the event can cover several caves, the connection between which is carried out by boats in the river

  • Vetrena Dupka Cave in Serbia is an increadibly beautiful cave, located about 120 km to the west of Sofia in Serbian part of the Erma River Gorge. Poganov Monastery is located close to Vetrena Dupka.


Video of:

The cave near Sofia 2018
The Waterfall cave 2017
The Waterfall cave 2011
Devetashka cave 2006