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Team Building on Struma river, Bulgaria

Team Building and Kayaking on Struma river, Bulgaria

Kayaking on Struma river, Bulgaria

Team Building and Rafting on Struma river, Bulgaria

Team Building in Kresna, Struma river, Bulgaria

Waterfall on Sheiton Dere

The Struma River valley has several places that are suitable for team building:

  • The Struma River Gorge between the Osogovo and Golo Burdo Mountains. The place is close to Dupnitsa and Kastendil and is about an hour and a half drive from Sofia. The area is suitable for one-day kayaking programs, especially for people without prior experience in water adventures.

  • The Kresna Gorge. This is the most popular place for rafting in Bulgaria. The event may cover the Struma River valley and the side valley of Sheitan Dere. In this area, we offer a kayaking program best suited for the months of July, August and September.

  • The Gorge of the Struma through the Housing Mountains. The closest towns with hotel bases are Sandanski and Petrich. Here you can comfortably run a program of water activities, even in early autumn.

Our special offer:

Our most attractive teambuilding program on the Struma River includes kayaking. Unlike white water rafting, participants manage the boats themselves. This requires crews to work well together in the beginning. For this purpose, the start of the water area is a stretch of river with spontaneous water. Every two or three kayaks have an instructor with a separate boat on the Edelweiss club. About 30 people can participate in one dive at a time.

Depending on the format of the event, water activities may include building and sailing on rafts or catamarans.

Exercises in the program may include more rope tasks and other adventure activities that occur at the waterfalls and river pools of Sheitan Dere /The Devil's Valley/ .

For the Kresna area, this program is suitable for the summer months, when the Struma level is not high and the "small" river in Sheitan dere and waterfalls are accessible.

Event Planning on the Struma River:

The long-term planning of an event involving rafting or kayaking in the area of the Kresna Gorge or Kozhuh Mountain should be adapted to the season, the eventual river level, the meteorological situation and the potential tourist flow.

The Struma is characterized by the fact that, depending on the snowmelt and rainfall in the high parts of the Pirin, Rila, Osogovo and Malashevska mountains, the river can change its level relatively quickly in the middle stream, where the Kresna gorge is.

This natural increase in water level due to the above factors is not as characteristic of a river as the Iskar, which until it enters the eponymous gorge is covered by numerous small or large dams. The presence of these dam walls, for most of the year, regulates the water of the Iskar river to a constant level.

In this context, the long-term design of a company event, including rafting or kayaking, is much safer for the Iskar Gorge region than for the Struma Valley near Kresna or Kozhuh Mountain.



Team Building & Kayaking
Team Building & Rafting