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Team Building in Tsarevets Fortress, Bulgaria

Theater team building in Veliko Tarnovo

Teambuilding with pottery and painting in Bulgaria

Creative team building in Bulgaria

Creativity tasks play an important role in every teambuilding program. They create not only an exhilarating mood during the event but can also show how the team works on a project in the everyday life. At the same time, during the preparation and implementation of the challenges, participants are able to see (if there) hidden talents and unexpected features of the nature of their colleagues.

Exemplary creative tasks may be:

  • Creating and playing a play.

  • Shooting a film episode or a video clip.

  • Creating and playing a thematic dance.

  • Creating a popular TV product.

All optional activities require teamwork by many people, experienced in various areas: from screenplay and choreography, through directing, stage performance, costumes, musical layout, special effects, etc.

Creativity tasks may either play a secondary role in the whole program or represent the whole format.

Teambuilding activities that involve a theatrical performance or a film are very effective when using authentic scenery and properties.

An evening program with fire on the beach is a prerequisite for creating a challenging dance.

The hotel atmosphere may be suited to a criminal film storyline.

Forest, military equipment and pyrotechnics may be the basis of a military action.

Therefore, the type of creativity tasks is appropriate to be chosen according to the location of the event and the number of participants.

This kind of programs and exercises are suitable for both external and internal performance.

Each task has its specific details that we can present at a workshop.