Приключения с клуб Еделвайс
Лого на клуб Еделвайс

Rafting and kayaking along the Arda River, Bulgaria

Teambuilding in Madzharovo, Bulgaria

Kayaking near Madjarovo, Bulgaria

Kayaking on Arda river, Bulgaria

Arda valley, Bulgaria

The Arda river valley is one of the exotic and wild places in Bulgaria. The area is rich in archeological monuments, ancient Thracian sanctuaries and these can be used within the frame work of every event.

The best seasons for company enterprises are spring, cool summer and autumn.

The Arda valley is particularly convenient for team building expedition.

The program can include teamwork using:

  • Boats and raft on the river and damр,

  • Penetration in unlit caves,

  • Rock formation, labyrinths and canyons,

  • Archeological mission in ancient fortresses, sanctuaries and tombs,

  • Orientation with maps and compass,

  • Climbing and rappelling,

  • Bicycles,

  • Bivouacs in the open skies,

  • All kinds of team building activities,

Appropriate regions for events in the Arda valley:

  • The Arda river valley, between Styden Kladenets Dam and Madjarovo,

  • The meanders of Arda river at the Ivaylovgrad dam,

  • Studen Kladenec Dam located at “Shiroko pole” village and the ruins of a fortress Monyak,

  • Kurdjali Dam