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Team Buidling Program Help the Bulgarian nature


Teambuilding with social activities in Bulgaria

Teambuilding and afforestation in Bulgaria

Corporate events in this area may be focused on:

  • Restoration and maintenance of the tourist infrastructure of our nature parks, eco-paths, protected areas, places for relaxation and other places that need immediate actions.

  • Household and industrial waste cleaning activities.

  • Afforestation and other acts of environmental protection.

  • Social activities for improvement of urban environment or lives of disadvantaged people.

At the same time, we offer our nature conservation project at the Iskar Gorge, where everyone is welcome.

The eco-paths of the Lakatnik Rocks are our regions for maintenance. In this place there are many canyons, rocky arches and caves that form the unique appearance of the gorge. This territory is a part of nature park “Vrachanski Balkan”. The place is popular for day trips and adventures in all seasons of the year.

In the context of this, our efforts to improve of the environment in the Lakatnik region can be focused on the following activities:

  • Restoration of safety rails along tourist paths.

  • Brigades for cleaning eco-paths, caves and river valleys from household waste.

  • Maintaining eco-paths by removal of brushes and shaping stone pavements.

  • Placing information boards of the routes and asking the tourists to protect and not to pollute the area of the park.

  • Building places for relaxation.

The realization of these activities can be a good teambuilding tool for any company.