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Winter team building in Bulgaria

Winter team building Bansko, Bulgaria

Winter team building Borovets, Bulgaria

Winter team building, Maliovitsa, Bulgaria

Winter team building in Pamporovo, Bulgaria

Organization of a winter corporate outdoor events requires prediction of more variabilities, than a summer one. The cold, the wind, the specific snow conditions of the day while the event takes place, clothing and equipment of the participants are very important details that greatly influence on the comfort and completeness of the program.

In this context, we can offer suitable places for teambuilding events which take into account the above-mentioned and many other details of winter teambuilding programs.


Such programs can be realized near popular winter resorts like Borovets, Bansko, Pamporovo, and many other suitable places as well.

1. Vitosha - program can be conducted near the capital city. Depending on the weather conditions, the event takes place at the high or at the middle part of the mountain.

2. Rila Mountain program may take place in Borovets, Malyovitsa, Panichishte, Rila Lakes...

Choosing a hotel accommodation in Borovets, we can carry the event in the vicinity of the resort, this area is a meadow and a pine forest located in 1300 meters above sea level.

A good alternative option of Borovets is a program in the Malyovitsa region. The starting point for the valley of Malyovitsa is a village Govedartsi. There is a small ski center in the Malyovitsa valley, meadows, a mountain path and a river which are an excellent space for a winter adventure program. The place is about 1600 meters above sea level and hidden from mountain winds. This altitude keeps the snow dry. In the lower parts of the mountain the snow is wet, so the participants of the teambuilding program, who do not appropriate shoes and clothing quickly damp their clothes and feel cold. There are hotels, a hut and a tearoom in close proximity to the region of the event people to feel comfortable.

Program in the Malyovitsa region can contain a variety of teambuilding activities, including elements of “white sports”, such as skiing and sledding. Team tasks with ropes and climbing are also very appropriate due to their activity, so the program participants do not feel cold. The path and the information boards of the already mentioned hut are a great place for a logical task in style of "Mission", which happens in the snowy forest.

Another good area for winter events near Sofia is a small resort Panichishte, which is located not far from Sapareva Banya in the western part of the Rila Mountain. Under good weather condition Panichishte is a starting point for a panoramic winter expedition in the Rila Lakes region and a climb of Haramiyata peak. In case of a bad weather condition, a local teambuilding program near the hotel accommodation in a cozy Skakavitsa hut can be conducted.

3. Pirin mountain program may take place in Bansko, Dobrinishte, Razlog, Banya village, Bezbog hut…

Choosing а hotel accommodation in Bansko or in other part of the Razlog valley, it is possible a local event in the low parts of the Pirin Mountain or a mountain climbing program. The climbing program includes an expedition to the Bezbog peak, which starts from Bezbog hut. Bezbog is one of the few Pirin peaks, where the trail to the top does not cross avalanche slopes. Under stable weather and snow conditions, the peak is comparatively easy to climb. The root of the hill is reachable by double-seat-cableway and the ski slope in the area offer excellent team skiing opportunities suitable for both advanced and beginner skiers.

The local program which takes place in the forest of Pirin Mountain near to Bansko can include:

  • Making a construction of a rope bridge and passing through it over a river valley

  • Building a snow camp – “snow hut” or an igloo

  • Relay games

  • Show tasks, suitable for the winter season.

  • Teambuilding exercises with rope facilities built on high trees...


Such regions as Lakatnishki rocks or Dryanovo Monastery are an excellent place for winter teambuilding events. In these range the program can take place under all weather conditions without exception. These areas are at the root of the Balkan Mountains and their relief is a natural protection against cold winds and active atmospheric processes. The both of the areas include caves, where a part of the teambuilding activities may take place due to its warm conditions during the winter.

Lakatnik is located 60 km to the north of Sofia and is suitable for a one-day program without hotel accommodation for the inhabitants of the capital.

The region of Dryanovo Monastery is located in the central part of northern Bulgaria, near to Veliko Tarnovo town. In this place, during the winter, we carry out water tasks with boats, which are comfortable for the participants to perform.

Also it is possible to program and realize a winter event at a customer-defined location.

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