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Team Building on the Nestos, Mesta river in Greece

Sea Team Building in Greese

Team Building and Kayaking in Greese

Kayaking on the Nestos River, Greece

Beaches in northern Greece are one of the most frequently used alternatives for corporate events outside of Bulgaria. In our southern neighbor we have developed two exemplary areas for teambuilding, also we can make a program in a place desired by the participants of the event.

The beaches of the peninsula Khalkidhiki

Khalkidhiki is located about 360 km from the capital of Bulgaria. The program takes place at the beach, in a calm and windless bay. This way, water tasks with boats and rafts can certainly be included in the event, without worries about a lumpy sea neither the wind can affect the safety of the program.

The Meanders of the Mesta River or Nestos

The Meanders of Nestos were formed in the mountain before the river flow into the sea up against Thasos Island. The location is perfect for a teambuilding program in the form of "Expedition’’. Unlike the seaside, where everything takes place in one area, in the Meanders of Nestos the event happens as a river voyage in a wild area with a crystal clear river. It is very appropriate this program to include a tent camp in the middle of the route.

The most suitable time for teambuilding in Greece is May, September and October.

More information about these programs can be presented at the meeting.