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Team Building and Rafting close to Sofia

Team Buidliding and Kayaking in Bulgaria

Team Building in Vratsa Bolkan, Bulgaria

Team Building in Lakatnik, Bulgaria

Roulette teambuilding games in Bulgaria

Treasure hunt with Edelweiss club, Bulgaria

Team Building in Lakatnik karst area

Team Building in a cave, Bulgaria

Iskar Gorge is located in the western Bulgaria 60 kilometers north of Sofia. The area is especially beautiful and offers excellent opportunities for adventures team building programs in any formats. Here the events can include activities like:

  • Rafting,

  • Kayaking in calm and fast water,

  • Canyoning,

  • Climbing,

  • Mountain biking,

  • Orientation in wild locality and underground galleries,

  • Snorkeling in clear and deep mountain pools,

  • Mountain hiking through panoramic ridges and wonderfully beautiful eco-path with waterfalls,

    Picnic and tent camp in mountain,

  • Various rope exercises created on the rocк formations of the gorge,

  • A journey through secrets Bulgarian monasteries,

  • Relaxing exercises and resting in the wild,

One of the great advantages on Iskar gorge is that here can be realized events in every season, and even almost under all atmospheric conditions. During the rain all team building programs can be focused in dry galleries of caves - “Temnata dupka”or “Rujishkata peshtera”. When there are strong winds or storm in the high parts of Balkan‘s gorge, there are quiеt and windless valleys. The area also offers excellent winter team buildings events. .

The most appropriate places for company events in adventure forms are:

  • Park “Lakatnishki skali” – in these area are located caves –“Temnata dupka”or “Rujishkata peshtera”.

  • The surroundings of “Cherepishki” monastery .

  • The parts of Ponor mountain, located nearby the villages “Zimevica” and “Zasele”.

One day programs:

One day programs are comfortable for companies from capital and northwest Bulgaria, who want an event without hotel accommodation. The company employees arrived in the morning on the gorge’s area and they leave late afternoon. Within one day, the program may include:

  • Team building activities with rafting , kayaking and rafts.

  • “Mission” – type tasks in Lakatnik’s caves.

  • Rope activities for team work.

  • All others activities in team building form - from military tasks to creative activities.

The programs can include only parts from mentioned activities.

Many days events:

  • Team building activities in “Cherepishki” monastery region.

  • Water expedition with kayak or rafting boats along the Iskar Gorge.

  • Relaxing programs in “Vazovata” eco-path region .

  • Adventures programs with caves and waterfalls in “Ponor” Mountains.

  • Mountain program on the ridge of “Vrachanski” Balkan or “Ponor” Mountain.

  • Panoramic bicycle routes on the ridge of “Stara Planina” Mountain and her surrounding valleys.

  • Evening with campfire and tent camp.

The events can be held in all possible team building forms

Appropriate hotel accommodation in Iskar gorge area:

  • Spa hotels in Varshec.

  • Guest Houses and tourist complexes in Zasele village.

  • Tourist base “Garvanec” – excellent place for company meetings to 30 people.

  • Summer tourist complex with swimming pool and water slides in Zverino.

  • Family hotel “Lipite” in Tipchenica village.

  • Family hotel “Lipite” in Tipchenica village.

Video from the Iskar Gorge
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