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Team Building in Prohodna cave, Bulgaria

Teambuilding activtis with ropes, caves and canyons in Bulgaria

Team building on the Iskar River near Lukovit, Bulgaria

The Prohodna Cave, which includes the rock formation “Oknata” is a site of outstanding natural beauty. The surrounding area includes a multitude of caves, canyons, rock bridges, rivers, and ancient rock dwellings, which make it an attractive place for adventure team building.

This karst region is suitable for corporate events around the year but the best conditions are during Spring, Autumn and on cool summer days. This programme is possible in all kinds of weather, including heavy rain and snow, when the activities are carried out in the shelter of the vairous rock bridges.

The main activities in the Prohodna Cave programme include map reading, rock climbing, caving, and rafting, for which no previous experience is necessary. The level of difficulty can be adjusted to people of any kind of physical capability (except for wheelchairs). The challenges that require team work are of psychological nature.

A single-day programme can include a combination of the following:

  • Up to three different kinds of rope activities (e.g. climbing);

  • Logical problems (treasure hunt) which are performed in caves without natural light;

  • Rafting and kayaking in the Iskar river;

  • Outdoor picnic in open space.

We can adjust the level of difficulty and physical activities to your needs.

Multi-day events in this region can include any of the following:

  • Team building activities at the area of outstanding natural beauty “Provartenika”, the rock church St Nicolas, and the surrounding ancient rock dwellings;

  • Team building activities or a nature walk in the valley of Zlatna Panega river;

  • Kayaking or rafting on Iskar, Vit, or Zlatna Panega rivers;

  • Treasure hunt activities in the canyons around the villages of Kunino and Reslec;

  • A hike along the ridge of Stara Planina (The Balkans mountain);

  • Mountain biking along the valley of the Iskar River;

  • An evening with campfire and overnight camping.

This programme can follow any of our team building formats (see our Formats page).

Thorough risk assessment has been performed for all activities.

More about safety and risk assesment

Suitable accommodations in the area:

  • The National Caving Base hostel is in an immediate proximity to the location of all activities.

  • Guest house Kontrasti is a three-star hotel offering apartments and studios in the nearby village of Petrevene.

  • Diplomat Plaza Hotel & Resort in the nearby small town of Lukovit.

  • A few guest houses are available in the villages Goliama Bresnica and Uglen.

  • Located at a distance of up to 60 km are the luxury hotels in Pravets and Ribaritsa.

  • Wild camping is possible nearby Prohodna Cave.

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