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Team Building near Velingrad, Bulgaria

Team Building in Devin, Bulgaria

Team Building in Hisaria, Bulgaria

Team Building in Belchin Bania, Bulgaria

Everywhere in Bulgaria, not depending if it’s indoor or outdoor, classical teambuilding program can take place.

The best bonding material for the team process for the minimal period is events, that took place in adventures and full of adrenalin formats. Such programs we can realize also near SPA resorts. This way one company event can contain the lux provided from the hotels. Relaxing power from the warm mineral water and the effect on the adventures teambuilding program.

Velingrad is one of the most popular SPA resorts in Bulgaria. When the hotel accommodation in Velingrad is chosen, the programs in adventures format can take place around:

  • Batak dam. It’s about half an hour east from Velingrad. The area is a mixture from water, meadow and coniferous forest, all of which are located on 1110 meters altitude. The adventures program can contain water exercises with float boats and rafts, rope elements, build in the forest belt, cycling area with orientating by map and compass, military format – SPECNAZ, creative and logical tasks, and all kinds of other team exercises.

  • Yundula terrain and mountain massif Arapchal. They are around 15 minutes away (with a car) from Velingrad. The area is suitable for local programs in the forest area and for mountain hike.

  • Belmeken. It’s located around 45 minutes away (with a car) from Velingrad. The area is suitable for programs during the summer or during the winter if the weather conditions allow. During the clear and not windy summer days, the area is suitable for company hike towards the high Rila mountaintops, which to include also a water task with boats on 2000m altitude. .

Such programs we can organize near Devin, Hisarya, Starogorski Bani, Chiflika …

Stara Zagora mineral baths are perfect location for teambuilding during the whole year. It’s located in the middle part of the central part of southern Bulgaria and the events there can take place near the hotel basis.

The town of Sandanski is also an excellent place for team building program combined with SPA in the southwestern part of Bulgaria. The appropriate seasons for an event in this area are spring, autumn and winter. In the summer in Sandanski it is very hot ...

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