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Our team offers a photo shoot of adventure programs and sports-tourist events.

Our team is specialized for working in difficult terrain and shooting adventure activities. An event may be reflected by several photographers with different viewpoints. Exemplary programs including rafting or kayaking can be photographed by a photographer taking several points along the shoreline of the waterway and / or by a photographer accompanying the group with a separate boat. The second option gives you greater opportunities for different viewpoints.

For contact: hristo@adventure-bulgaria.org

Rafting, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, canyoning, hiking, adventure and sporting competitions, Bulgaria

Photo and video shooting of adventure and sporting events by Edelweiss club team..

Photo shooting of water sports, Bulgaria

Rafting and Kayaking.

Photo shooting of tourist programs in a cave, Bulgaria


Photo shooting of extreme sports, Bulgaria


Photo shooting of tourist and sporting events, Bulgaria

Mountain Biking.

Photographic services in Bulgaria


Photo session

Team Building.

Photographic services in the mountains, Bulgaria

Mountain trekking.

Photo services in extreme conditions

Extreme conditions.

Photographic services in hard-to-reach terrains, Bulgaria

Difficult terrains.

Фотозаснемане на птици и животни

Wild nature.

Photographic services from Edelweiss club team, Bulgaria

Adventures for small and large.

Photographing of adventure events in Bulgaria


Portrait photography


Photographing of hard-to-reach places in Bulgaria

The position of our photographer.

Photographs of extreme sports and adventure programs, Bulgaria

At the right place at the right time.

Video and photo shooting of adventure, sports and corporate events in Bulgaria

We also offer video shooting of our adventures with camera, dron and action camera.