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Team Building in Kresna Gorge, Bulgaria

Adventure tourism programs can also be a powerful catalyst for teamwork in one team.

Team Building and Mountain Bike in Bulgaria

We offer adventures to which our team building clients can join under preferential terms.

Team building and archery in Bulgaria

We can also organize a business feast with employee families to include popular activities and outdoor gaming.

Team Building in Kresna Gorge

Our teambuilding programs put colleagues in other than the office environment. So everyone can feel the true nature of the person next to him.

Sea team building in Sinemorets, Bulgaria

Our events combine teamwork with entertainment and recreation in nature.

the team spirit

The effect to which we aspire

Beginning of the team building in Bulgaria.

Beginning of our programs.

Team Building in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

Ice breaking

Team Building near Troyan, Bulgaria

Our event has an authentic action and logical framework that covers all teambuilding activities.

Team Building near Borovets, Bulgaria

Team Building tasks with ropes near Borovets.

Team Building in Pamporovo, Bulgaria

Our exercises simultaneously engage all participants in the program.

Winter Team Building in Pirin Mountain

Rope activities are very appropriate content for winter teambuilding program.

Team Building near Velingrad, Bulgaria

Team rope tasks in our events are designed for people without pre-training.

Rope team building tasks in Bulgaria

In all exercises where special equipment is handled, there are our instructors who monitor the safety of the event.

Evening team building program in Bulgaria

The daily teambuilding program can continue in the evening at the hotel.

team Building in Albena resort, Bulgaria

Our team during a sea program involving 400 employees of a telecommunication company.

Team Building and Kayaking on the Iskar River, Bulgaria

Our programs are emotion that remains for a long time in the souls of the participants.

Pirin Mountain, Bulgaria

Adventure is our way of life that we share with you.