Приключения с клуб Еделвайс
Лого на клуб Еделвайс

Sea Team Building in Bulgaria

Check skills of the crew before the big wave came!

Caving and Team Building in Bulgaria

So you will understand who you can trust and during the storm!

Water team building activities in Bulgaria

Our programs combine different team building formats, which are the exact test for colleagues' research.

Rope team building activities in Bulgaria

Our events include adventurous activities that quickly bring people together and have a strong motivating effect.

Team Building with rafting in Bulgaria

Team spirit and synergy of action can be easily tested through our water programs.

Teambuilding in military style, Paintball and Airsoft in Bulgaria

Team leadership and work organization are the focus of our military program.

Logical team building task in a cave Prohodna

The exact execution of the details and the generation of working ideas are the focus of our logical tasks.

Team building with rope games in the Prohodna cave, Bulgaria

Collegial support and motivation to achieve the goal are tested in our rope exercises.

Shaman Dance, Creative, Teambuilding Task of Edelweiss Club, Bulgaria

Innovation, workflow organization and presentation skills are priorities of our creative task

Overcoming the psychological barrier in adventure teambuilding programs of club Edelweiss, Bulgaria.

Overcoming the psychological barrier with the help of the partner is a sought-after moment in our programs.

Team building Task the Pyramid

Collegiate support easily happen in our adventure events.

Team Builidng, Borovets, Bulgaria

Reliable teamwork is tested in our constructive tasks.

Teambuilding with kayaks on the Struma River, Bulgaria

We offer activities to work in pairs or to work together in large groups.

Winter team building prorams in Bulgaria

Mountain trekking can also be a team building tool.

Team Building on Yantra river, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

All team exercises are tailored as a level of difficulty, with the preference of the participants.

Sea team building in Bulgaria

Our programs can also contain classic team building games

Artistic and creative tasks

Artistic and creative tasks have an important place in our events.

Holidays around the pool - team building in Bulgaria

We also organize corporate holidays, which are held under the motto "Break by the pool".

Team Building with canyoning in Bulgaria

Our strongest programs are in the Adventure, Adrenalin, and Expedition formats.

Team Building in format SPECNAZ, Bulgaria

Authentic equipment and a sense of reality reinforce the effect of our events.