One of the activities of our club is the production of documentaries on the subject, nature, mountains, adventure and extreme sports. This work began in 1996 and so far we have made over 60 television documentaries. These films, depending on the year of production, have been broadcast on many TV stations in Bulgaria. Our films are made in cooperation with environmental organizations, sports clubs, municipalities and television companies.

Part of our television production can be seen in the Bulgarian version of our site.


Our proposal for film production:

If you represent a TV or film company that wants to make a film about wildlife, mountains, adventure tourism and extreme sports in Bulgaria, we can assist you in organizing your work in our country.

Our assistance can be linked to:

  • Select an appropriate location for film production / natural phenomena, capture of wild animals, extreme sports demonstrations, film stunts ... /

  • Team for additional safety when working in difficult areas / caves, rocks, water /

  • Bulgarian stuntmen for extreme sports or military.

  • Organization of transport and hotel accommodation of your movie group in Bulgaria.

  • You can use photos from our video library

  • We can help you fully or partially, depending on your desires

Our demo

How and where we can film it ...

Vertical Frontier

Movie series for mountains and adventures, which runs in the air of RING TV.

From the heart of the Andes

A story about the Bulgarian expedition to Cordillera Blanca Peru, South America.

film episode from the Andes

Of Bears and Men

Environmental film about the bears in the West Rhodope Region

film episode for the bear

The Other Sea

A story about the protected territories around the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. The movie is realized with the support of Black Sea Ecosystems Recovery Project

film episode from the sea

Rhodope The amazing mountain

Presents the natural potential of East and West Rhodope in the fields of ecotourism. The movie is realized under the request of Rhodope Project .

film episode from the east Rhodope mountain

Following the vultures

Video story about the reintroduction and preservation of the vulture birds in Bulgaria

film episode for the vultures

Terra Incognita

Movie series, showing the natural resources of Bulgaria. The last movies from the series are for the Central Balkan and Strandzha Mountain.


Wild beauty of Madjarovo

A film about the nature of the Municipality Madjarovo - with English subtitles.