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Teambuilding game in Bacho Kiro Cave, Bulgaria

Team building on the Dryanovo River, Bulgaria

Creative team building task in Dryanovo, Bulgaria

Team building in Dryanovo Monastery, Bulgaria

The surroundings of Dryanovo Monastery are one of the best places for organizing teambuilding events during all seasons of the year. During the warm summer days in the area we offer activities with boats and swimming in the Blue Whirlpool of the Dryanovo River and additional coolness can be found in the galleries of Bacho Kiro Cave. In winter the same underground galleries of the ennobled cave make it possible for the event to be comfortable in all weathers, especially in rain, snow and cold ...

The team activities we offer cover the following areas:

  • Dryanovo Monastery - Based on the architectural, ethnographic and historical features of the monastery, we have developed a special team-building task in the Mission format, which takes place in the courtyard of the Holy Monastery.

  • Water activities with boats, rafts and swimming can be done in the streams of the Dryanovo River, which runs along the monastery.

  • Rope exercises can be built and happen in the park area around the Dryanovo Monastery and in the galleries of Bacho Kiro Cave.

  • The enchanted and illuminated Bacho Kiro Cave is convenient for rope activities as well as for logic and orientation tasks. The cave also has an underground hall with excellent acoustics, which is suitable for choir performances. That is, these types of creative tasks can also be effectively inserted into a team building program. All activities in the cave are carried out regardless of the weather conditions.

  • In the area of ​​Dryanovo Monastery there is a stage which is suitable for the realization of theatrical and other kinds of creative performances.

  • The park area around the monastery and the river provides excellent opportunities for a wide range of synchronization, role playing and communication games.

The multi-day program options can cover the eco trails around the Dryanovo Monastery, as well as be combined with an adventure event in the Tsarevets - Veliko Tarnovo fortress.

Nearest hotels:

  • Dryanovo Park Hotel - is located about seven kilometers from the site of the program. Very good value for money.

  • Hotels in Veliko Tarnovo.

  • Hotels and guest houses in Tryavna and Bozhentsi.

  • Overnight at the Bacho Kiro chalet or the Dryanovo monastery, as well as at the tourist centers around the monastery.