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Adventure day with canyoning in Bulgaria

Adventure day with rafting near Sofia, Bulgaria

Mountain biking in Lakatnishki skali park

Cave tours in Bulgaria

Climbing in Prohodna cave, Bulgaria

Kayak and rafting on the Iskar river, Bulgaria

Canyoning in Bulgaria

The program combines several adventure activities in one day. The regions where these events take place are the Iskar Gorge and the karst area of the Prohodna cave near the village of Karlukovo.

The Iskar Gorge:

  • Rappelling at the waterfalls near the village of Bov. The highest waterfall is 45 meters. The small waterfalls are between 10 and 15 meters.

  • Rafting or kayaking along the Iskar River. The type of boats depends on the season and the willingness of the participants.

  • Cave tour or Mountain biking.

The cycling route can connect the waterfalls area at the village of Bov with the rafting start along the Iskar River. Bicycle route is mostly downhill on asphalt and dirt roads.

This program can also be realized in three days. In this option, the included activities are larger.

Suitable seasons are Spring, Summer and Autumn.

The starting point of the program is the railway station Bov.

Karst area of Prohodna cave:

  • Climbing in the Prohodna cave. Routes are tailored for people without pre-training.

  • Visiting the caves in the area of Zadanen Dol. This is a small canyon near the Prohodna cave.

  • Abseiling in the area of Zadunen Dol.

  • Rafting or kayaking along the Iskar River. In this area the river is relaxed and the kayaking is better.

  • Visit to rock churches in the area of the Provartenika rock formation.

Multi-day variants of the program can be complemented by a cycling route along the Iskar River or by adventure in the water caves of Devetashko Plateau.

Appropriate seasons are spring, cool summer days and autumn.

The starting point for the program is Lukovit

Each of these programs includes an initial level of training in selected adventure activities.

Event time:

Each group can pick a day of their choice.

We can organize VIP adventure especially for individual participants or small groups.

We provide:

  • Alpine, cave and rafting equipment.

  • Organizing adventure activities and guides.

Required personal equipment:

  • Swimsuit and towel if the program includes rafting and kayaking.

  • Clothes and shoes suitable for the season.


The price depends on the combination of activities, season and number of participants. If you are interested in this program, please send us an inquiry and we will answer you with a specific offer.

We also offer:

  • Professional photo shoot of the event.

  • Professional video shooting with camera, action camera and / or dron + video editing and movie for the adventure.

Video from Iskar Gorge
Video from Prohodna cave