Iskar river valley nearby Prohodna cave.

Окната в пещера Проходна

Rappelling into the canyon "Zadanen dol"

In furtive, underground galleries of the canyon "Zadanen dol"

Пещерите на Задънен дол

Climbing in pairs in Prohodna cave (Cave of passage)

Приключенски туризъм, пещера Проходна

Rock towers in Prohodna cave

Пещера Проходна

Canyoning, caves and climbing

The karst area of Karlukovo is situated along the Iskar river valley, not far away from town of Lukovit. In the area are the natural sights caveProhodna", the rock phenomenon "Oknata", the canyon "Zadanen dol", many caves, natural arches and ruins of cave monasteries from the 13th and 14th century, which are a natural scenery for our adventure program. In this picturesque part of Bulgaria we offer an adventure that combines caves, climbing, canyoning, kayaking and rock churches ... Of course in the program can be easily included mountain bikes as well.

Depending on the time you have at our disposal we offer:

  • The one-day program including: climbing in cave Prohodna, visiting the canyon and the caves of Zadanen dol, rappelling from the "dry waterfall” of Zadanen dol to the water level of the Iskar River.

  • The two-day and three-day programs extend the adventure into the near canyons of the villages Kunino and Reselets. Adventure including kayaking on the Iskar River, visiting the ruins of the rock churches from the 13th century "Saint Grigora, penetration into the wild caves and canyons.

The program is in the style of "Expedition" with boats, bicycles and ropes ...

The participants can be at the age of 8 to 108 years ... The area of Karlukovo can be part of a multi-day program including: climbing, biking, caves and underground rivers in the mountain near Vratsa, mountain trip in the Balkan Mountains - the area of the huts Benkovski, Vezhen and Echo ...


How to reach the place of the program:

The area of Karlukovo is located 120 km to the northeast of Sofia in direction of town of Pleven. From the capital Sofia, the road is mostly highway and it takes about an hour and twenty minutes by car.



One-day program - 35 EUR

Two-day program - 65 EUR

The price is valid for groups of minimum 10 participants.

Any group of 10 or more people may designate the days of the adventure of their choice. Please inform us about your wishes if possible one week in advance.

For individual participants or small groups under 10 people we can prepare a special offer according to their wishes.

The prices include the implementation and the necessary equipment for the adventure.

The prices do not include transportation, food and accommodation for the participants



Convenient sleeping accommodation: camping out /we can arrange it/, hut or monastery, luxury four-star hotel - Diplomat plaza/Lukovit.


Attractive tourist places located close to the program:

  • The canyon of village of Reslets

  • The cave "Saeva dupka" the Glozhenski monastery

  • The mountain resort Ribaritsa

Contact us:

Kalin Hristov: ++ 359 878 204676 (0878 204676 from Bulgaria)

Hristo Hristov:, 0878 104669

Georgy Andonov:, 0878 104667