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Лого на клуб Еделвайс

Teambuilding with ropes and climbing in Borovets, Bulgaria

Teambuilding with Vivacom in Bansko, Bulgaria

Teambuilding in the resort of Panichishte

Team meeting in Pamporovo resort, Bulgaria

Teambuilding near Velingrad

Horo of Vitosha Mountain

Teambuilding of Malyovitsa, Bulgaria

Winter pass of the Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

Our team is offering challenging and attractive teambuilding programs near the popular mountain resort – Borovets, Bansko, Pamporovo, Devin, Velingrad… In these areas, even in the busiest season, it can be found vacancy various hotel bases.

At the same time we have alternatives options for more unpopular, but extremely suitable for corporative events. These are like Maliovica, Panichishte, Osogovo, Vraca’s Balkan, Vitosha…

The mountain areas, where we run ours programs are selected in the following criteria:

  • Nearby hotel base for big groups.

  • Access by an asphalt road to the high parts of mountains.

  • Difficulty on the terrain, adapted to people who are not accustomed to mountainous conditions.

  • Opportunities for fast evacuation of the groups in bad weather conditions.

  • Opportunities for a backup location for the event, in case of fog, strong wind or thunderstorm in that day.

  • Existing natural preconditions for water exercises in the mountain team building program.

Appropriate seasons for mountain programs are in the end of the spring, summer and autumn. We have special offers for winter events, which can include activities like white sports on high or the lower parts of the mountain.

BANSKO - When you choose hotel accommodation in this part of Bulgaria, we can realize interesting adventure program near the resort, at the foothill of Rila Mountain, where the terrain is a combination of micro dam, wood and sun meadow. Here the events can include a variety of team exercises and water activities.

During warm and nice weather the program is good to be realized in the middle or high part of Pirin. We have developed an area in the mountain, where we can realize team buildings outdoor without problem, even in very harsh winter conditions.

Ski program such as team building with starting point Bansko is in the surrounding cabin Bezbog. Corporate hiking trip in one-day, depending on the weather conditions and seasons, can be realized in Vihren area, the valley of Damqnitsa River, in the surrounding area of cabin Bezbog and peak Polejan.

Video Bansko, 2017
Video Bansko, 2012

BOROVETS - in the surrounding of the resort, where there are meadow and pine forest, the place is at best for outdoor team-building programs. During the summer accommodation in Borovets can be done in the Shipochensky bay on Iskar’s dam, where the program can include water activities.

The resort is the best starting point for company hiking to the highest peak in Bulgaria – peak Musala.

The hotels in Borovets are suitable for programs, which take place in the lower part of “Beli Iskar” river (where eco path can be found) or in Maliovitsa’s part of Rila Mountain.

Video Borovets, 2018
Video peak Musala 2004

MALIOVITSA - It’s part of Rila Mountain, which is relatively close to Borovets. The starting point for Maliovitsa is Govedarci village. In this area, the programs include – meadow, rocks and forest belt, which can be found near the hotel bases in Maliovitsa. During the summer, the area provides perfect team-building opportunities for rope exercises on rocks with panoramic views. From December to April, “Mecha poliana”, which is located in the Maliovitsa’s valley, is one of the best places for winter company events.

Maliovitsa’s hotel base is a good starting point also for our most extreme options:

  • Climbing peaks like “Zlia Zyb”, “Orlovets” and “Maliovitsa” on the northeast ridge

  • Via Ferrata “Maliovitsa”

Video Maliovitsa 2010

PAMPOROVO - the resort is located in the western Rhodope mountain, nearby Smolyan. Here we can place team building programs, both within resort boundaries and at “Chudnite mostove” landmark. The mountain paths of the western Rhodope are perfect for company hiking.

VITOSHA MOUNTAIN - The perfect location for one day or half day mountain programs during all year seasons nearby Sofia.

The listed locations are only small part from all areas where we can organize attractive and beneficial team building programs. Western “Stara Planina”, Central Balkan, Osogovo and of course Eastern Rhodope also provides good opportunities for mountain programs. If you have troubles choosing suitable place for your company event, please don’t hesitate to contact us, together we can find the best option.

You can choose the hotel bases and preferable area and we will arrange the most interesting and entertaining program, by those criteria.

All outdoor events have a backup plan for bad weather conditions.


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