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Sea Team Building in Bulgaria

Team Building in Albena Resort, Bulgaria

Team Building and sea kayaking

Teambuilding with boats and yachts in the sea

Sea teambuilding with Edelweiss Club, Bulgaria

Beach Team Building Games

Teambuilding with Pirate Party

Team Building in Sinemorets, Bulgaria

The program “Pirate flag” is developed for the Black sea areas in Bulgaria and for White sea coastline in Greece. Depending on the wishes of the participants, the event can include:

  • Exercises with rowing boat, kayaks, motor boats and sailing boats,

  • Rope teambuilding activities, realized near the beach,

  • Water exercises in the sea, in the pool or in the river near sea,

  • Tasks in military format,

  • Team exercises on the beach,

  • Creative and logical tasks,

The event can be combination from the above activities or to have an accent on some of them. Separate teambuilding zones are combined by logical boarder and are realized on the beach, coastline or in the sea.

Sea teambuilding is financially attractive, when it’s not during the tourist season. During the end of the spring or in the beginning of the autumn the prices for the big hotel complexes are lower and the beach lines are not occupied by concessioners and resting.

Below we are listing some of the areas on the Bulgarian Black sea, where we can organize water and beach exercises, even if the great excitement of the sea is presented:

Albena resort – It’s located near Varna and its excellent place for company events before and after the most attractive tourist season. The best time for teambuilding programs in this area is the beginning of May or the end of September. The event can include big variety of teambuilding activity on land, on the beach or in the sea. Cape Kaliakra protects the Albena bay from the northwest winds, making big waves on our coastline, making possible the water activities to be realized in the sea. The mouth of river Batova gives the opportunity for some of the water exercises to be realized in calm water, independently from the sea excitement. The forest in the border zone of the “Baltata” reserve allows making attractive rope activities.

Sinemorets and Veleka river – On the south side of our Black sea, the mouth of Veleka river gives a very good region for teambuilding activities. The area is suitable for events from the beginning of April to the end of October, even to November (if the autumn is warm enough). The groups chosen this part of Bulgaria, can stay in the hotel bases of Sinemorets, Ahtopol or other resort cities on our south seaside. The mouth of the river Veleka is suitable for big variety of water exercises, not depending of the sea excitement and the forest belt is a suitable for rope teambuilding exercises. Near sea forest also protects from wind and it’s perfect location for creative, military, logical, constructive and other team tasks.

Downstream on river Veleka, between Brodilovo and Sinemorets, can be organized water hiking with kayaks for one or two days. Teambuilding format “Expedition” is appropriate for this region.

The mouth of river Kamchia – It’s located in the middle part of our Black sea side, between Varna and Burgas. This program can be started with water trip on Kamchia river and to continue on the beach curve and around the dense forest. The area is suitable for events even during the crowded tourist season.

Kamen Bryag and Tiulenovo – These regions are located in the northern part of our seaside. Here there are no sand beaches, but rocky shores, coastal caves and rock arches, which gives the opportunity for creating a teambuilding activity, not realizable at the other see regions in Bulgaria. The decent of the crew on an alpine rope in the boat and breaking in with it in the dark galleries of the “Tiulen” cave are part of the unforgettable moments for this program… The water exercises in this area are strongly depended from the sea excitement. Suitable season for this activity is from the beginning of May to the end of September.

Greek – The opportunities for the sea teambuilding programs in Greece are enormous, because the country has very big and varied coast line. Many bays there offer calm see waters, which are suitable for kayak and other water activities. Regions like Kavalla, Thasos island or Khalkidhiki are closer to Sofia, then our own seaside. It’s possible to realize one day programs on the Greek sea with hotel accommodation in Sandanski city. Very good season for events in Greece is October, when the summer hot has passed and the prices for the hotel basis has lowered.

Mentioned sea destinations above are examples. Our team can organize sea program on every location chosen from the client.

Video Albena resort, 2015
Video Sinemorets, 2019