65 millions years ago, when the east part of Bulgaria was a bottom of a shallow sea, an asteroid falls on the territory of Central America. A powerful wave results the impact and spreads the dust from the space object around the Earth. At the sea bottoms is deposited a layer, containing an element with extraterrestrial origin; most of the life on our planet cease to exist.

Proves about what happened back then, could be found today around the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There is a headland next to the beach of Byala Town, where the geologists discover a layer, containing the element Iridium. This element does not originate from the Earth. The scientists are certain that the Iridium layer on the Bulgarian coast is a result of sedimentation, after a collision of the Earth with an asteroid.  This cosmic catastrophe marks the end of the dinosaurs’ era.

What other secrets is hiding our sea and why does it have to be researched and preserved clean for the future generations? For an answer to this question we will be looking during a small journey around the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

The Movie project “The Other Sea” presents part of the preserved territories around our coast line and the places, which still can be proclaimed as such. The two parts of the movie are showing what we, the people, living in Bulgaria, will lose, if the expansion of the heavy tourist business continues in its present form – huge resorts and constructions over the still wild and unique Bulgarian land.

The first part of the movie covers the territories of Kara Dere (Black Gulch), Kamchiyski Pyasatsi Reserve (Kamchia’s Sands), the coast line north from Cape Kaliakra, Kamen Bryag (Stone Coast), Tyulenovo, Durankulak.

The second one is named “The Flood of the New Era” and covers the regions of Rezovo, Silistra, the outflow of Veleka River near by Sinemorets, Ahtopol, Tsarevo and Ropotamo.


film episode from the sea