FILM PROJECT "Rhodope – The amazing mountain"

The Rhodope Mountain is the first dry land on the Balkan Peninsula. The mountain massif emerged during the Jurassic period 140 million years ago. After that the mountain was partially under water and today’s landscape is the result of volcanic activities during the Palaeogene period.  Today the highest mountain peaks are over 2,000 meters above the sea level, and the rivers form deep valleys and difficult gorges. Landscape features and the climate divide the mountain in two distinct parts – the Eastern and Western Rhodope... 

The two parts of the movie, are covering respectively the east and the west parts of the mountain, are made on the request of Rhodope Project – UNDP Programme.

The Rhodope Project (RP) is a GEF financed initiative aimed at protecting globally significant biodiversity in the Eastern and Western Rhodope landscapes. This goal is to be obtained through the successful completion of two immediate objectives: 1) Landscape-scale conservation is effectively made operational in Eastern and Western Rhodope Landscape Nature Parks and 2) Stakeholders integrate biodiversity into resource management and economic development policy and practice. The project seeks to follow the general idea that large-scale nature conservation can be achieved at very little public and governmental cost through the integration of biodiversity (nature) conservation concerns into the economic and territorial planning at local, regional and national levels.

One of the important RP objectives is to demonstrate sustainable tourism practices in the Rhodope Region while integrating ecotourism and nature conservation. Part of the project activities in this field are related to promoting the Rhodope Region as unique ecotourism destination by developing quality promotion materials.


film episode from the east Rhodope mountain