FILM PROJECT "Following the vultures"

"65 millions years ago when the big part of Bulgaria was a bottom of the sea, on the territory of Central America is falling an asteroid. This collision is defining the face of our planet that plenty of the flora and fauna species disappeared. Within them are the biggest lords of the earth – dinosaurs. A lot of eras after this space catastrophe, the volcanoes formed the vision of the first Balkan land – Rodopy. During the time the evolution creates new forms of live, and the most aggressive one on the earth – human being – is between them. The developmental Homo Sapiens gradually are replacing from the planet all kind of the rest animals. And that is why now some of the species are in danger to die out, even without any new space cataclysm. The situation in modern Bulgaria is not an exception from the tendency in the whole world. One century ago in Bulgaria was killed the last existing lynx and many other animals are danger to disappear too. We want to explain about the vultures into this film. The vultures are some of those creatures that are also in danger to die out. We will follow the trails of the flying vultures with aim to discover the precious nature resources and treasures of Bulgaria that should be protected and preserved for the people who will live after us..."

Since 2004 Bulgaria is included into a plan for reintroduction of vulture birds on the Balkan Peninsula.  In our country these activity is being implemented by:

The foreigner partners are Frankfurt Zoological Society and Black Vulture Conservation Foundation – Spain.

The movie “In the Trails of the Vultures” has three series, which are showing the efforts of out ornithologist to return the vultures to Bulgaria.

For the realization of the third part we express our greatest gratitude to Mr. Milko Belberov – Director of Nature park Rusenski Lom.


film episode for the vultures