Клуб Эдельвейс - Тимбилдинг тренеры в Болгарии

Бате Здравко

Екип на клуб Еделвайс в пещера Водопада при село Крушуна

Тиймбидинг инструкторите Жоро и Боко

Снимане на филм за рафтинг

Ледено катерене на водопада "Мечтата на туриста"

Зимата на Рилските езера


our team

The Edelweiss Alpine Club was founded in 1996. The club’s activities involve implementation of tourist and adventure programmes, production of documentaries made for television, and customised editing in hardly accessible locations.

We started providing team building programmes in 2002. We were the first to introduce real adventures as a form of team building activity in Bulgaria. Our programmes can be adjusted to various difficulty levels and are designed for people without previous experience. At the same time they require full commitment from the participants, enabling them to build real teamwork over a minimal time period.

Our team provides:

  • Programme design according to client’s requests and the physical capabilities of the participants

  • Provision of special gear for the participants.

  • Implementation team – the implementation team will set up, prepare and secure the trail for the adventure programme.

  • Guide / facilitator teams – there will be between one and three professionals from our team accompanying each client group of 8 participants. The number of our team members will depend on the complexity of the location where activities will take place. Our professionals will monitor the proper implementation of the programme and will ensure the group’s safety between different activity grounds.

  • Safety team – the safety team will take care of all adventure programme activities requiring use of special gear (climbing gear, boats, and paintball guns).

  • Psychological assessment team – competent assessment will be provided according to client requirements for group and individual psychological analysis.

  • First aid support – every event will be attended by a medical professional who can provide first aid. Although our doctors have never been called in during previous programme events, their presence is mandatory during programme implementation. Every team building event comes up with an evacuation plan in the event of injuries.

  • Video crew – we offer an opportunity to professionally videotape and photograph your event, contributing a valuable piece to your company’s archive.

Every one of us has specialised in a specific profile of the team building programme and most of us have interchangeable skills. We all practice actively one or several sports whose elements are used in the adventure team building programmes. Each year our team gets further training to keep up our knowledge in various disciplines, to practice rescue methods in water, rocks and caves, and to develop new team building activities in “extreme” environments.

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Film Production - documentaries about environmental conservation, mountains, adventures and extreme sports