С каяк по река Искър Изкачване на Злият Зъб

Dear fans of adventure,

Our team is pleased to invite you to adventure in the rivers, caves, canyons and mountains of Bulgaria.

Programs that we offer you not require special physical training. They require that you specifically want to go wild and remarkable places on our country.


Adventure programs for one or two days:

Rafting on the Iskar river

Season: Mart - June



Kayaking on the Struma river

Kayaking in extinct volcanoes and furtive gorges.

Season: April - November


Kayaking on the Iskar river

Season: April - November



Kayaking on mountain dams and rivers

Season: April - November

Via Ferrata Maliovitsa, Rila mountain

Season: June - November

Ascent of Mount Zliat Zab (Evil Tooth)

Season: June - October



Waterfall Cave

Underground waterfalls, rivers and lakes that will be overcome with swimming

All seasons


Mountain Biking in Western Balkan

Season: May - October



Canyoning, caves and climbing

Season: April - November


In Vitosha, Rila, Vratsa Balkan and Prohodna cave.

Season: April - November

Пещера Елата

Rappelling in a wild cave

All seasons

Ice climbing

Season: December - April


Many days programs:

We can make a special program for you that is adapted to your exact desires.

  • Which activities you want to include the program?
  • How many days you want to continue the program?
  • What dates are good for you?
  • How many people is your group?
  • How and where you will arrive in Bulgaria?
  • What type of holiday accommodation you prefer? (luxury hotel, small boutique hotel, guest house, hostel, hut, tent camp)


Contact us:

Plamen Paunov: ++ 359 893 680 193 (0893 680 193 from Bulgaria)

Hristo Hristov:

Georgy Andonov:


The prices do not include VAT.